Wood, Darcel (Office of the Registrar) is Stepping Beyond


“Darcel is an amazing co-worker. During the time I worked in the Bursar’s office, I learned numerous details from Darcel about the workings of the Registrar’s office and how it affects the students.
Since I came from the Corporate working world, learning anything about the Education process was overwhelming. Darcel was always patient, easy-going  and thoughtful with her explanations, (even when she had to repeat them in a different manner, so that I would understand). Since coming to work for the housing department, I have still had to contact Darcel for assistance. She is again always eager and willing to help me and she is a true advocate for the student’s and their success. I am very fortunate and delighted to have such a great working relationship with Darcel and I truly appreciate each and every time she helps me. Thank you Darcel !” –BettyJo Alexander

“The Bursars office and the Registrars office works very close and when help is needed Darcel Wood constantly shows professionalism and is ALWAYS available to help. Without Darcel’s help I know my job would be that much more difficult. She makes being a SPARTAN even more awesome!!” — Dolores Lorigo




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