Chapman, Valerie (Advisor, ACCESS) is Stepping Beyond


“My email describes my experience:

Hi Michael…I’m not sure if you remember me but I am the older adult in your 90T class.  I wanted to share my Pathways experience with you and commend Ms. Valerie Chapman for her exceptional customer service and work ethic.

I had a Pathways appointment last Thursday which was not what I expected based on what was described in class.  I came prepared and had expectations that the work that I would be asked to produce would be looked at and evaluated for recommendations.  Once again, my SJSU experience since I arrived on campus was less than mediocre.

I have over 25 years of work experience and I must say that I have been so disappointed in my experience with SJSU thus far. In every work situation I have been in, there is always a customer.  Since arriving on campus, my expectations of SJSU have been deflated tremendously.  I’ve been given incorrect information on more than one occasion, redirected from one office to another.  I have turned into Wile E. Coyote on campus jumping through hoops and complex requests while juggling two jobs in pursuit of information.  I’ve come to accept the bureaucracy that exists within this large institutions and continue to take issue with the fact that I am a customer who gets no service.

It wasn’t until Ms. Chapman followed up with me on Thursday afternoon regarding my appointment with the advising appointment I had earlier in the day.  When I explained to her how the appointment went, Ms. Chapman offered to meet with me on Saturday for a follow up appointment.  I can honestly say that my experience with her was absolutely phenomenal.  My appointment with her exceeded my expectations.  She is knowledgeable, thinks outside of the box and most importantly, she provided me with a concrete plan that will save me time and money because she took the time to listen to me!!!!  She provided me with exceptional customer service!!!

I am so grateful to her for spending quality time with me.  Her time with me conveyed how well she knows her job.  She answered all of my questions and took into account the scheduling challenges I have as a result of two jobs.  Ms. Chapman set me up with a realistic plan that will help me navigate my way through the registration process with ease.  My meeting time with her was not only efficient it will be cost effective as I plan for how I am going to pay for school.

I truly appreciate the fact that Ms. Chapman is in her role.  After meeting with her, I was able to understand just how helpful this assignment is.  I also have not been able to use the words “phenomenal” or “exceptional” when thinking about customer service in I don’t know how long.  She has single handedly restored my faith in this thing called customer service.

I will be thanking Ms. Chapman separately but I wanted to make sure that I took the time to acknowledge her professionalism, time and expertise.” –Marizela

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