Tran, Kevin (AS Computer Service Center) is Stepping Beyond (2)


“Kevin relayed a story to me about how he recently went out of his way to speak with a student who had been rude to one of his staff members. Instead of getting upset with the student he asked if there was something they (meaning his team) did to upset her. As it turned out she was dealing with some personal issues and completely broke down and thanked him for asking. He could have just let her behavior go and write her off as an unhappy student but he stepped beyond to reach out and it made a big difference to this student.”¬† –Anonymous

“For Kevin, stepping beyond is not an occasional occurrence, but really a part of who he is. ¬†Kevin is always finding new ways of improving service with the students making them his first priority. Kevin is also willing to help students and staff alike, going beyond his own duties to make sure others are satisfied.” –Nathalie



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