Master of Chemical Engineering Graduate Student, Jinann Alzaghari, and her Transformative SJSU Experience

jinann smiling

Jinann Alzaghari (23′ M.S., Chemical Engineering)

Jinann Alzaghari has called SJSU her home since her undergraduate years. Now, a current graduate student, Alzaghari details how the university has shaped her personal and educational journey. 

Choosing to continue her graduate education at SJSU was an easy decision for Alzaghari, “I chose to study at SJSU specifically because of my relationships with the professors. The smaller class sizes allowed me to form close connections with them, which has proven to be very beneficial in my time at SJSU. For example, the industry connections that my professors have has helped me obtain internship opportunities and work toward my career goals.” It was her positive undergraduate experience that solidified her decision to apply to the Master of Chemical Engineering program to invest in her education, further her knowledge, and develop her research skills.

Community, Belonging and Research at SJSU

SJSU offers a plethora of resources and valuable connections that help students throughout their education, as well as organizations that help provide a sense of community and belonging. 

“My involvement in student organizations such as the Muslim Student Association and American Institute of Chemical Engineers has allowed me to dedicate time to my social life and form a community of peers with similar interests and aspirations.” For Alzaghari, these resources and organizations are what allowed her to “grow holistically.” 

The Master in Chemical Engineering program offers students the opportunity to develop their research skills in laboratories, which is one of the reasons Alzaghari chose the chemical engineering program. Alzagahri’s interests currently lies in “conducting research in the field of carbon capture and storage, with the goal of optimizing techniques to reverse greenhouse gas emissions and combat the effects of climate change.”

After graduating this spring, Alzaghari hopes to continue using and developing her research skills in the field of carbon capture at a start-up in the Bay Area. SJSU gave her the resources she needed and we cannot wait to see what she will accomplish.

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