The M.A. Mathematics Program Paved the Way to a Ph.D.


Luis Torres – 20′ M.A., Mathematics

Luis Torres, 20’ M.A. Mathematics at SJSU, spoke to the College of Graduate Studies about his research experience and how SJSU helped him develop into a mathematics researcher. Before considering the SJSU Mathematics program, Luis was a Computer Science major, but after taking an abstract linear algebra course, he quickly learned that mathematics was the right pathway for him, and then applied to the SJSU M.A. Mathematics program.

Luis shared that he thoroughly enjoyed the program, “I loved navigating the twists and turns involved in proving a mathematical statement true or false, especially when it involves big surprises such as tying together ideas that seem totally unrelated at first glance, or proving a result that goes against preconceived notions and challenges current understanding.”

The Mathematics program at SJSU supports its students, and allows them to develop their own research. For his thesis, Luis said he studies “topologically minimal surfaces,” and couldn’t have done it without the support of Dr. Marion Campisi, and excitedly shared, “together with my advisor Dr. Marion Campisi, we proved that most surfaces in the 3-dimensional sphere are of this kind. This was an exciting twist, because it was believed that no topologically minimal surfaces should exist in the 3-dimensional sphere! It’s this kind of surprise that makes mathematics such a fun and exciting field.”

On why he chose SJSU, Luis said, “The graduate program in mathematics at SJSU was a wonderful opportunity for me to develop as a mathematics researcher. While I was exploring master’s programs to apply to, the faculty at SJSU were so inviting and easy to talk to, and it became clear that I would be welcomed with open arms. I had lively discussions with faculty every day during the program, and they really made me feel that I was a part of the mathematical community at SJSU.”

He ends by noting the incredible support he received in at SJSU “I’m grateful for all the conversations and mentorship that helped me grow as a researcher, with special thanks to my advisor Dr. Marion Campisi and mentors Drs. Wasin So, Jordan Schettler, Slobodan Simić, and Tim Hsu.”

SJSU provided Luis immense opportunities for connections and allowed him to develop as a researcher. His SJSU graduate experience prepared him to pursue a Mathematics at The University of Texas, Austin.

We are excited to see where his research journey will take him!

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