Vedant Bhoj

Vedant Bhoj handles all of the website development for eCampus. As the Web Developer Assistant, Vedant says his main responsibilities is to, “design, develop, and maintain the eCampus websites along with creating, managing, and maintaining a variety of interactive multimedia materials, graphics and presentations for our eCampus website“. As a first year Graduate student studying Computer Engineering, he incorporates a lot of his academic learnings to his work.

Vedant joined the team 3 months ago and just jumped right in. He quickly picked up the department culture and how invested we are in creativity and used that to his benefit. Vedant always collaborates with his team but specifically with the design assistant to get a variety of opinions on his work. This has helped him get a broader outlook on web-design and creating content for social media. We were all impressed by Vedant’s willingness to seek out help and input from his co-workers.

Vedant has a strong grasp for web-development and picks things up quickly. In his short time here, he has collaborated with the design team to create multiple online content for eCampus and he also designed this blog for everyone to see. He says he finds inspiration and drive from his co-workers. “eCampus is full of people from diverse backgrounds and it has allowed me to elevate my global understanding and enhanced the way I develop and design”.

He is expected to graduate in May 2020 and hopes to create robust and secure systems that help make the world a better place. In his lifetime, he wants to start his own company that takes on environmental issues in innovative ways. When he is not creating websites and designing content, he is traveling around the Bay Area trying food from different cultures. “I am a foodie at heart and would like experience the different culture and food while I travel”.┬áHe also loves Moto Vlogs (vlogging the travels through social media) wants to travel the world on a Motor Bike and hopes to inspire other people to travel through his vlogs. Vedant is an extremely kind and hardworking young man whose talents continue to surprise us every day. Any company would be lucky to have him on board.


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