Saurabh Shirur


Saurabh Shirur is the Student Assistant that works on Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) for eCampus. He is a Computer Engineering graduate student and is expected to graduate in December 2019. As a graduate student in his second year, he sees the finish line coming up. He has a passion for developing software that help those in need and hopes to incorporate that into his final project. He has been a member of the eCampus team for 3 months.

Not many people know but the university has taken many innovative steps to make lectures and teaching more engaging. The nursing department and other departments across campus have utilized the VR and AR work eCampus have created in their classrooms. Students have reported that the use of VR and AR in classrooms has allowed them to get a more hands on experience and has completely enriched their learning experience. Saurabh says his main role for eCampus is to, “work on developing VR and AR applications which are used by professors to simplify the process of teaching complex concepts to their students. I work on adding features to the existing applications as well as creating user interfaces to make it simpler to use the applications”. The work that Saurabh does has a profound impact on student learning experiences and how professors present their topics.

Saurabh is usually seen with a positive attitude and a welcoming personality. He says his favorite part of working at eCampus is, “having the opportunity to work on interesting projects and be a part of a very supporting team. I really like the freedom I have to be innovative and pushing myself to solve difficult questions”. eCampus is always trying to push the boundaries of educations and teaching. After graduation Saurabh says, “I plan on learning new technologies and skills that are used to build scalable and robust software”. Saurabh wants to apply what he has learned as grad student in his professional work life. He says, he aspires to work as a Software Developer so that he can develop software that has a positive impact on people’s lives.

One interesting fact about Saurabh is that he is a world traveler. “I love to travel a lot and visit new countries to experience different cultures. I have already been to 14 countries and I am planning to travel to much more”. He brings with him his global knowledge and passion for wanting to develop software that help mankind. We are incredibly fortunate to have someone like Saurabh on our team.



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