Presentation Title: The Power of Cosplay as a Sustainability Initiative for Libraries

Presenter(s): Soraya Andriamiarisoa, School of Information

Abstract: This presentation investigates and develops hygienic, sustainable, and eco-friendly methods and programs for libraries that effectively convert recycled materials into artistic cosplay supplies for its patrons. Cosplay is a cultural and aesthetic opportunity for patrons to express and showcase their artistic talents, and libraries have a long history of bringing this art form into their creative maker spaces. By using a kawaii (Japanese for cute) approach to sustainability, an approach that has accounted for several worldwide go-green, climate-change initiatives and 50% reduced global CO2 emission by 2050 (Heng, 2014), this research presentation and method also develops innovative ways to advocate attainable reusability at libraries and direct it towards hygienic, reusable state of the art cosplay materials and use of creative makerspaces. This presentation also emphasizes upcoming developments on the researcher’s futuristic eco-friendly inventions and the importance of positive, inclusive attitudes regarding sustainability, ecological well-being, and humane inclusivity. Furthermore, this presentation exemplifies how sustainability becomes achievable through small, unique acts of behavioral change. Above all else, sustainable solutions are unique to each person. Thus, this course presentation illuminates how LIS professionals such as the research, across varying fields, curriculum, and communities have this uncanny ability to turn overwhelming and intimidating circumstances into calm opportunities for applying artistic, playful, and successful problem-solving skills to everyday problems. 

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