Presentation Title: Information Explorer Room Escape: Gamified Information Proposal

Presenter(s): Charlene Brewer, School of Information

Abstract: There is a new generation of learners who have grown up with games as a continuous presence in their lives. For them learning from games is second nature, therefore making games an extremely effective learning tool. I developed an “Information Explorer Room Escape” game to highlight information literacy skills for the class INFO 287 – Seminar in Information Science Topic: Gamifying Information. It is based on a skill set discussed in a 2019 webinar presented by Adams et al. entitled “Is that real?”.  Students (exemplified for the purposes of this project from Nevada State College who use the Marydean Martin Library) can benefit from this information literacy game which helps them evaluate information on the Internet. The game can be adapted for use at any library. Upon reflection, what I feel I will take away most from this project is the ability to assess, evaluate, and create information-based games. The focus in class on assessment theory and tools for evaluation was incredibly helpful, and will inform my future thinking.

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2 thoughts on “Information Explorer Room Escape: Gamified Information Proposal

  1. Erin Castillo

    This was awesome, Charlene! You’ve come up with a great interactive way to approach information literacy. Have you put the escape room into practice? If so, what was the turnout and response?

    • Charlene Brewer

      Thanks Erin!

      I have not had the opportunity to put the escape room into practice, yet. I hope to have opportunity some day in the future to see it in action; that would be awesome!


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