Presentation Title: Getting Crafty With Recycled Items

Presenter(s): Donna Reddick, School of Information

Abstract: The presentation I am submitting is my final project from INFO 282 Libraries Take the Lead on Sustainability which was taken this semester. I am submitting it based on the suggestion from my professor, Kimberli Buckley. I worked on a library programming project which focuses on designing craft programs using recycled items. The goal of the programs is to educate patrons and community members on ways to craft using items that would have been discarded. The presentation demonstrates to individuals that one can take small steps in being more sustainable. Hopefully in the process of making these unique crafts which may be used as decorations or gifts, it will be just as enjoyable as doing any other type of craft. These crafts are also showing patrons that reusing items helps reduce what is put in landfills. By working on this project, I learned about the amount of items that could not be recycled and many of these objects are art supplies. This presents a way to possibly partner with artists in the community on instructing classes and giving them a way to responsibly donate supplies which may have been discarded to our library for craft programs.

Link to Recorded Presentation:

5 thoughts on “(2023) Getting Crafty With Recycled Items

  1. Gigi

    Excellent and insightful presentation. Great ideas of how to partner with local artists all while saving the planet!!

    • Anonymous

      Gigi, thanks so much for your comment. I believe artists would appreciate being able to recycle some of their supplies. Hopefully they will see it as a good way to get rid of some material that they are no longer using.

  2. Donna

    Thanks for your comment Gigi. Hopefully local artists will appreciate having somewhere to donate some supplies that they are no longer using. Every little bit of recycling helps us put less in landfills. 🙂

  3. Dr. Jessica Bushey

    Partnerships are extremely important in the library, archives and museum profession. As we know, resources are limited and when you propose innovative ideas that may not be a core service, it’s necessary to find others to share the responsibility. Well done!

    • Donna

      Thank you so much, Dr. Bushey! Partnerships do really help with programs and they can help keep the costs down.

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