Dr. Spangler Speaking at Irish Literary and Historical Society

Dr. Matthew Spangler will speak on the topic “Staging Intercultural Ireland: New Plays and Practitioner Perspectives.” This talk will be based on Spangler’s new book, a collection of plays, interviews, and scholarly essays, titled Staging Intercultural Ireland: New Plays and Practitioner Perspectives (co-edited with Dr. Charlotte McIvor of NUI Galway; published by Cork University Press).

Dr. Spangler will talk about the impact of the Celtic Tiger era in Ireland (1995-2007) on recent Irish theatre. These 12 years  saw a dramatic increase in the number of transnational migrants entering the country and Irish theatre has responded in a dramatic way to the presence of Ireland’s new immigrant communities.

The talk is November 23, at the UICC  St Francis Room at 4:30pm.

For more information, see http://www.ilhssf.org/


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