Dr. Spangler Speaking at Irish Literary and Historical Society

Dr. Matthew Spangler will speak on the topic “Staging Intercultural Ireland: New Plays and Practitioner Perspectives.” This talk will be based on Spangler’s new book, a collection of plays, interviews, and scholarly essays, titled Staging Intercultural Ireland: New Plays and Practitioner Perspectives (co-edited with Dr. Charlotte McIvor of NUI Galway; published by Cork University Press).

Dr. Spangler will talk about the impact of the Celtic Tiger era in Ireland (1995-2007) on recent Irish theatre. These 12 years  saw a dramatic increase in the number of transnational migrants entering the country and Irish theatre has responded in a dramatic way to the presence of Ireland’s new immigrant communities.

The talk is November 23, at the UICC  St Francis Room at 4:30pm.

For more information, see http://www.ilhssf.org/


Dr. Ted Coopman’s Research Published in ‘New Media and Society’

Dr. Ted M. Coopman’s research on the internet and social movements was published in the most recent issue of the journal New Media And Society. Furthering the concept of “Parallel Polis” developed by Czech theorist Vaclav Benda, Dr. Coopman and his colleagues analyze how digital technologies are uniquely positioned to reflect and facilitate political expression and discuss how the internet fosters and maintains parallel social and political institutions.

You can read an abstract and download the article here.

Citation: Lagos, T., Coopman T.M., and Tomhave, J. (2014). Parallel Polis: Toward a theoretical framework of the modern public sphere and the structural advantages of the internet to foster and maintain parallel social and political institutions. New Media and Society 16 (3) 398-414

Congratulations Dr. Coopman!

COMM Lecturer Interviewed on Fox Business

Dr. Kathy Werking, COMM lecturer and small business owner, was interviewed recently on the Fox Business program Spare Change. Werking developed an ingenious Kentucky fried chicken candle that has struck a positive chord with consumers. Her store, Kentucky Green Studio, features jewelry, natural lotions, and soy wax candles she and her family create. Werking teaches online courses such as communication and gender (COMM 176P) and qualitative methods (COMM 156I) for the department. She earned her Ph.D. in communication and M.A. in mass communication from Purdue University.

Dr. Todd Publishes New Book

Please join me in congratulating Dr. Todd on the publication of her new book, Communicating Environmental Patriotism: A Rhetorical History of the American Environmental Movement (Routledge, July 2013).


This book is the first to explore the history of environmental patriotism, the belief that the national environment defines a country’s greatness. This significant strand in twentieth century American environmentalism is told through the intriguing stories of environmental patriots and the rhetoric of their speeches and propaganda.  Dr. Todd addresses particular cases, including the See America First movement, Gifford Pinchot and President Theodore Roosevelt’s White House Conservation Conference, Pittsburgh’s smoke investigation condemning the effects of coal smoke on the city’s environment, and, during World War II, the massive propaganda effort mobilizing millions of Americans to plant victory gardens and save resources for the war abroad.

After World War II, national discourse shifted to a consumer patriotism that is at the root of current American apathy toward environmental issues. The book critiques contemporary environmentalists’ communication strategies and suggests a rhetorical framework to advocate for civic engagement and national action to address global environmental challenges.  You can find more information about the book on the publisher website:  http://www.routledge.com/books/details/9780415828093/.

Dr. Todd will be speaking about her book on campus later this fall semester; stay tuned for announcements.

Congratulations to Dr. Terry and Dr. Wood

Last Wednesday, November 28, Dr. Andrew Wood and Dr. David Terry performed the Inside North Korea colloquium describing their experiences when visiting this country.  Their collaborative presentation explored the intersection of rhetoric and performance, and included videos, anecdotes, and pictures of their experience. If you did not have the chance to attend, you can read more about Dr. Terry’s and Dr. Wood’s experience in North Korea at Dr. Wood’s blog.