Former SJSU Prof Bob Gliner’s Doc, Schools That Change Communities, will be re-broadcast on PBS Station KCSM

by Staff

Bob Gliner’s latest documentary, Schools That Change Communities, will be re-broadcast on PBS Station KCSM (Comcast Channel 17) throughout the SF Bay Area, Tuesday, March 5th, 8:00pm and Sunday, March 17, 9:00pm,  as part of its nationwide broadcasts.

Produced by former San Jose State Sociology Professor Bob Gliner, this unique, engaging documentary turns the current focus of education on its head.   While most US schools keep their students bottled up in classrooms as a way of increasing test scores, this very upbeat special focuses on a diverse range of K-12 public schools in five states that instead break down the walls between the school and its neighborhood.  By viewing their communities as classrooms, students are not only invigorated, but also motivated to learn the basics and how to think critically and engage in solving problems they and the larger world they inhabit now face.

Gliner’s other education focused documentaries include Lessons From The Real World, and Democracy Left Behind both of which enjoyed long runs on PBS stations across the country.

For more about the documentary and to watch a trailer, visit Bob Gliner’s website:

School of Journalism & Mass Communication Student James Tensuan to Attend Presidential Inauguration

by Bob Rucker, Ph.D.

Photojournalism/mulitmedia student James Tensuan was awarded an all expense paid trip to Washington D.C. by PBS to document the second Inauguration of President Obama.

You can see his work and learn more about this special project at:

Thanks to Dr. Michael Cheers for passing along this link to share with JMC and CASA colleagues. James Teshuan is a very talented young man, and we are very proud of him. He did some outstanding work last year at this time when he participated in the CASA sponsored trip to Cuba.

James will share some of his best work in D.C. when he returns, and his photos will be showcased in the downstairs west wing corridor gallery in Dwight Bentel Hall.