CASA Faculty Grant Awards Highlight SJSU Research Foundation October 2012 Release

by Staff

Some exciting news was recently released from the SJSU COO’s office regarding CASA faculty contract and grant rewards submitted by the SJSU Research Foundation.

A university-wide summary of the October 2012 report for contract and grant awards received and proposals submitted by the SJSU Research Foundation reflects that:

  • Awards – 29 new awards were received for a total of $4,744,192.
  • Proposals – 28 proposals requesting a total of $2,884,560 were submitted to sponsoring agencies.

In particular, CASA awards almost doubled in the past year (from 2011 – 2012 to 2012-2013) with awards reaching $2,530,063; representing a 76.7% increase in awards over the past year to the tune of $1,096,368. CASA proposals are also up in 2012-2013, with an 8% increase in proposals, up $161,403 from the previous year.

In particular, we would like to highlight the effort, skill, and dedication of the following CASA faculty who have received grants this past month.


Faculty & Projects College or Dept Grant Provider
Laurie Drabble, Kathy Lemon-Osterling
Child Welfare Partnerhisp for Research & Training
School of Social Work UC Berkeley
Sadhna Diwan
The Advanced Directive Attitudes, Values, & Knowledge in Chinese Elders (ADVANCE) Study
School of Social Work UC CA Regents
Susan Wilkinson
SJSU Physical Education – Health Project at Long Beach
CA Physical Education – Health Project
Department of Kinesiology UC CA Regents
Diane Guerrazzi Martinet
Establishment of a University Partnership in Journalism with Herat University Afghanistan
Journalism/Mass Communication Department of State
Jayne Cohen
The Health Place, 2012-2013
Nursing Town of Los Gatos

Congratulations to the faculty and students who received grants and awards, and good luck to the faculty and students who are seeking grants and contracts. The increase in grant awards has occurred due to the hard work of faculty, and has also occurred due to the groundwork laid by CARHS and CASA to increase proposals and awards.

CASA is dedicated to the development of new research and providing the resources and time needed for faculty to pursue research paths that help in our efforts to transform SJSU and our communities.

Please note that these reports can also be found on the Research Foundation’s website under “Quick Links” (  The direct link can be found here: