Health Science Faculty and Students Attend CSU-wide Health Science Public Policy Summit


by Anji Buckner

On April 23, 10 students and a faculty member from the Health Science and Recreation Department set off on the first – of what we all hope to be – an annual CSU-wide Health Science Public Policy Summit.

The Summit was coordinated by the Chair of CSU-Los Angeles Public Health Department, Walter Zelman.   In the past, Professor Zelman has taken his own CSU-LA students to Sacramento to learn more about the state political process regarding health, health care, and the health professions.   This year, due to the generosity of the California Endowment, Zelman was able to offer the experience to all CSU Health Science departments.    In total, nearly 170 students and 10 faculty members participated.

The purpose of the 2-day summit was to introduce students to the political process and engage in professional networking.   Students across all campuses were encouraged to meet one another, talk about their schools and programs, and learn about the many different Master’s in Public Health programs that are offered throughout the CSU system.  Additionally, Zelman had orchestrated an impressive line-up of leaders to speak to the group about their lives, professions, and the health policy process.

The two days were full of engaging activities that started with a warm welcome by State Senator Kevin DeLeon of Los Angeles.  DeLeon shared his life experiences that led him into state politics and encouraged the students, through his personal story, to develop and maintain a strong work ethic and cultivate a curiosity that can inspire critical thought and innovative solutions to the most challenging of community experiences.  Following Senator DeLeon, students attended the Assembly Health Hearing, where they heard the presentation and opposition to AB 154 Atkins, which proposes to extend access to abortion through training of additional providers.   The proposed legislation served as a prime example of the ways in which the political process must incorporate public participation and how, when opinions are polarized, the legislative process becomes far more complicated.

The group also attended a portion of the Board meeting of the California Exchange, which is the leadership body responsible for overseeing implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in our state.  The group also got to meet two policy analysts – Joe Parra of the State Republican Office and Mia Orr from the office of Democratic Assembly member Holly Mitchell.

Day Two was equally engaging as the group met with one California eader after another.   We started with a panel from the top leadership of the State department of Public Health, including: Chief Epidemiologist and Deputy Director for the Center for Infectious Disease- Dr. Gill Chavez;  Chief Deputy Director of Policy and Programs -Kathleen Billingsley;  Deputy Director of the Office of Public Affairs – Anita Gore; the director of the California Exchange – Diane Stanton; “Place Matters” program director of the California Endowment, Christine Tien; health policy journalists Dan Walters and Evan Halper; Marty Gallegos of the California Hospital Association; and the highest-ranking state health official – Secretary of Health – Diana Dooley.

Intermixed with these remarkable discussions with public policy leaders and professionals, students from each school presented what they most liked, appreciated, and felt to be unique about their university and program.  This was illuminating as each student group spoke eloquently and personally about the meaning of their Health Science degree.  To great credit across all the departments in the CSU system, it was powerfully evident that these students are passionate and committed to working towards change that will improve people’s lives.

All in all, SJSU HSR students are returning to campus with a renewed enthusiasm for public policy, a better understanding of the strengths of all of the CSU HS programs, new friendships, and many resources for employment opportunities in health policy and health reform.  Faculty who attended the two-day summit are also returning to campus with a lot of ideas of how we can all better support and encourage our students to engage in public policy, ways we can use our campus to initiate and participate in health reform, and how we might envision innovative programming that continues to unite the Health Science faculty and students throughout the state.

Additionally, the 2-day conference was video-recorded by SJSU Health Science Alum Byron Doughtery and will be made into a short documentary highlighting the events and showcasing the enthusiasm for Health Science, health reform, and public policy.

Those of us who attended from SJSU are very appreciative of the efforts of CSU-LA to initiate this statewide experience.  We will do all we can to ensure that this first-ever event becomes the first-annual public policy summit for CSU Health Science students.

CASA Wins Four Awards University Service Learning and Engagement Awards Ceremony

It was a great day for CASA at the University Service Learning and Engagement Awards Ceremony. CASA faculty and our students were winners of four of the awards given this morning. It makes it very clear that our college continues to be a very community engaged college. Congratulations to:

1. Susie Rivera, Justice Studies–Faculty Lecturer Award
2. Nancy Megginson, Kinesiology–Faculty Professor Award
3. Jesse Medina and Lisseth Castillo-Valencia–Justice Studies students in the Records Clearance Project–Martin Luther King, Jr. Award
4. CHAMP, Center for Health Aging in Multicultural Populations–Collaborative Projects


We will follow up with blog posts on each of the winners. Stay tuned.

Celebrate with the CASA Family: 51st Annual SJSU Honors Convocation: Friday, April 26, 2013.


On behalf of the College of Applied Sciences and Arts, we invite you to joins us to celebrate the accomplishments of the student honorees from the College of Applied Sciences and Arts at the upcoming 51st Annual Honors Convocation.  The event will be held at the SJSU Event Center on Friday, April 26, 2013 at 6:00pm.  A list of the CASA student award winners can be found here.

To learn more about these amazing dedicated students, please go to the Honors Convocation website.  Thank you to the many CASA faculty members who nominated these students and helped them develop as young professionals in their disciplines. Their diverse stories of triumph, hard work, and tenacity represent the best of CASA. CASA is proud of its distinguished students and the Honors Convocation is a recognition of their outstanding achievements.

President’s Scholars

Undergraduate students who have earned a 4.0 grade point average at San José State University in at least two contiguous semesters of the three semesters prior to the Honors Convocation.

Dean’s Scholars

Undergraduate students who have earned a 3.65 or higher grade point average at San José State University in at least two contiguous semesters of the three semesters prior to the Honors Convocation.                         
Program Order of Exercises

51st Annual Honors Convocation
April 26, 2013
Dr. Ellen Junn, Presiding
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Processional SJSU Wind Ensemble
Dr. Edward C. Harris
Color Guard SJSU Airforce ROTC
National Anthem
SJSU Wind Ensemble
Professor Joseph Frank
Welcome Dr. Ellen Junn
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Ms. Beth Von Till
Chair of the Academic Senate
Presentation of Dean’s Scholars Dean Charles Bullock – College of Applied Sciences & Arts
Dean David M. Steele – College of Business
Dean Elaine Chin – College of Education
Dean Andrew Hsu – College of Engineering
Dean Lisa Vollendorf – College of Humanities & the Arts
Dean Michael Parrish – College of Science
Dean Sheila Bienenfeld – College of Social Sciences
Associate Vice President Dennis Jaehne – Undeclared/Special Majors
Presentation of President’s Scholars Provost Ellen Junn
Conferral of Honorary Doctoral Degree to John Chambers
President Mohammad Qayoumi
Chair of CSU Board of Trustees Bob Linscheid
Introduction of Keynote Speaker President Mohammad Qayoumi
Convocation Address Professor Alejandro Garcia
SJSU 2012-2013 Outstanding Professor
Recessional SJSU Wind Ensemble
Reception to follow immediately
Honorees, family, friends, faculty, and staff are all invited

Textbook Alternatives Project (TAP), SES, & Student Help


by Peggy Cabrera

At SJSU, 1 out of 3 students report not buying a required textbook because they can’t afford it. Textbook costs have risen dramatically in recent years and faculty across the country are fighting back by developing alternatives to expensive textbooks. Become part of the solution. Receive a stipend from Affordable Learning Solutions to develop your own Textbook Alternatives Project (TAP).

TAP provides stipends up to $2,500 for the development of an alternative to a textbook currently used in a SJSU course. Here are some examples:

  • An expensive science text is replaced with free online resources from Khan AcademyMERLOTand edX.
  • A group of faculty teaching a large GE course develop their own textbook. Given a Creative Commons license, it is provided to students for free or at a minimal cost.
  • Faculty use Academic Pub to create course packs tailored to their class and available to students at a very low price.

To create your own solution, go to the TAP website for details on how to apply. Applications are due on Friday, May 17th and projects must be completed by the end of Fall 2013.

Textbook Alternatives Project –

CHAMP wins SJSU Service-Learning & Community Award


by Sadhna Diwan

Center for Healthy Aging in Multicultural Populations (CHAMP) was selected to receive the Collaborative Project Award from the SJSU Center for Community Learning & Leadership.

It’s great to see the collaborative efforts of CASA faculty recognized by the University. Congratulations to all and thanks for our team members without which this would not have been possible.

The Center for Healthy Aging in Multicultural Populations (CHAMP) was created in the College of Applied Sciences & Arts in 2009. With faculty affiliates from all academic disciplines at SJSU, the Center facilitates interdisciplinary applied research, education, and strategic partnerships with community-based organizations working with older adults. For each of the past three years, CHAMP has partnered with the Timpany Center, Santa Clara County’s Department of Adult & Aging Services (DAAS), CommUniverCity, and the Roosevelt Community Center to host Senior Wellness & Resource Fairs to promote healthy aging among older adults in the community. The fairs, which are half-day events, have promoted interprofessional education through service learning among more than 200 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in courses in health sciences, nutrition, nursing, occupational therapy, social work, psychology, kinesiology, and communicative disorders.

The students provide wellness education and screenings to seniors, learn about available community resources, and build their skills by applying their knowledge to working with older persons. Student evaluations of the fairs are extremely positive: they show increased awareness of their own strengths and challenges such as communication skills; they express positive attitudes towards working with older persons; and better understanding of inter-professional roles in wellness promotion among seniors.

As one student noted, “I am very grateful for the opportunity I was given to work with the project. This was not only my first volunteer effort, but it was also the first time I worked with and for an older population. Getting involved with this project allowed me to see the need for resources for the general local population. The best part of this experience was the ability to connect those who were in search for resources with their professionals- whether it was the table I sat in or not. It was absolutely wonderful to see so many different disciplines come together for a common goal- the wellbeing of a population who often get looked over.

Another noted, “The most enjoyable aspect of this project is that I have an opportunity to interact with seniors. It is a valuable and precious experience to practice what I have learned from classes.

DAAS has expressed interest in continuing this partnership with CHAMP in order to engage more of our students in service learning.

The Service-Learning & Community Engagement Awards are presented for course-inspired community engagement learning, distinguished from non-academic community service. The awards ceremony will be held on Friday, April 26th from 8:45-11:00am in ENG 285/287.

CASA-CHAMPS faculty can invite friends and family. Parking permits are available upon request.

Congratulations on the Award! Go CHAMPions!