Faculty Writing Workshop Opportunity: AANAPISI

by AANAPISI staff

Faculty Writing Workshop

Sponsored by U.S. Department of Education, Office of Postsecondary Education & Asian American Native American Pacific Islander Serving Institution (AANAPISI)

You will leave this two-day workshop with models of strong lesson plans on practical writing topics. Using what you learn from the model lesson plans on day one, you will then create and present your own lesson plan on day two. Twelve San José State faculty members will be selected to participate in this workshop. Participants will be chosen based upon the strength of their applications. Upon successful completion of the workshop, each participant will receive a $500 stipend. Successful completion of this workshop is a prerequisite for applying for future faculty release time under the AANAPISI grant.

Information and requirements:

  • Participants will meet for the first session of the workshop on Friday, August 23, 2013 (8:30-4:30). On day one of the workshop, facilitators will teach their lesson plans. During the last hour of day one, participants will work on drafts of their lesson plans.
  • Participants will submit a draft of their full lesson plan to the workshop facilitators (Dr. Linda C. Mitchell and Michelle Hager) prior to the date of the second session, with adequate time given for review and feedback.
  • Participants will meet for a second session on Friday, September 13, 2013; Friday, September 20, 2013; OR Friday, September 27, 2013 (8:30-4:30). During the second session, participants will present their 50-minute lesson plans and receive feedback from their peers. For each workshop day, a continental breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack will be served.


Workshop rules:

  • No tardiness or early departures
  • No cell phones
  • No time missed
  • No excuses for missed time
  • 110% effort
  • Original lesson plan content
  • Submission of a complete, formal, polished lesson plan on your “due date”
  • Full engagement during the sessions

Please note: You will only be eligible for the workshop stipend and future release time if you satisfy all the workshop requirements. No exceptions! You have officially completed the workshop when your lesson plan has been approved for posting on the San José State University AANAPISI website.

To apply:
Send a complete application packet to the workshop facilitators, Dr. Linda C. Mitchell (Linda.Mitchell@sjsu.edu) AND Michelle Hager (Michelle.Hager@sjsu.edu). The application is due Friday, August 9, 2013.

The following materials are required:
1. A signed copy of the workshop contract (see the next page).
2. A 250-word statement detailing the 50-minute lesson plan on writing you would like to develop for your classes. Answer the following questions in your statement:

Why did you choose your topic? What is your motivation for choosing to work on this lesson? (50 words)
How is this lesson relevant to your classes? (50 words)

How will your plan be structured? (100 words) Example: “I will do a lesson on „so what?‟ since I have noticed that students in my discipline do not develop their ideas. First, I will explain what I mean by a „so what?‟ Next, I will have the group read a paragraph that is missing the „so what?‟ The group will then read the revised paragraph with the added „so what?‟ and then a third revision with specific examples added. For an exercise, each participant will write a general paragraph, then test the „so what?‟ and add information. All writing in all disciplines needs a „so what?‟ so the topic is useful to everyone.”

How will other faculty members adapt your plan to other

Kinesiology Department Offering Summer Coaching Workshops

by Bethany Shifflett
The Kinesiology Department at San José State University will be offering coaching workshops this summer.  Two 10-hour weekend workshops are planned.
The first is the Coaching Principles workshop.  Completion of this workshop enables participants to sit for the American Sport Education Program (ASEP) National Certification exam and/or the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) Certification exam.  The second workshop is focused on Strength and Conditioning for athletes.
Participants earn 1 continuing education unit (CEU) for each workshop.
Here’s our schedule:
• Coaching Principles ($250 + $60 materials)
• Friday, 6/21, 6-10pm
• Saturday, 6/22, 10am-4pm
• Register by Monday 6/4 or mail postmarked by Friday 6/1.
• Workshop location: Timpany Center: 730 Empey Way; San Jose, CA 95128; 408-283-9036
Strength & Conditioning ($250)
• Friday, 6/28, 6pm-10pm
• Saturday, 6/29, 10am-4pm
• Register by Monday 6/4 or mail postmarked by Friday 6/1.
• Workshop location: Timpany Center: 730 Empey Way; San Jose, CA 95128; 408-283-9036
You can register by FAX: 408-924-2616 or mail to the address below (ATTN: Karen Krumme).   Registration forms are attached.
International & Extended Studies,
210 N Fourth St, # 301,
San Jose, CA  95112
If registering for the coaching principles workshop, we will send you information by email on how to obtain the coaching principles text and test materials shortly before the start of the workshop.
Check our website for additional information: http://www.sjsu.edu/kinesiology/coaching/

Distinguished PR Graduate Jon Iwata Delivers Keynote Speech at JMC School PR Day Event


by Bob Rucker

Distinguished SJSU Public Relations graduate Jon Iwata, Senior VP of Marketing for IBM, served as the keynote speaker at the PR Day Event held in the SJSU Student Union this past May 1st. Iwata was a classmate of PR Professor Chris Di Salvo, who invited Iwata and other PR graduates to return to campus for this event that brought together faculty, students, and professionals in diverse communications and PR fields. PR Day drew a crowd of 160 people for his noon hour address. Many other PR graduates, now accomplished professionals, returned to campus to share their expertise and advice with current PR students.

Amongst his many accomplishments, Iwata oversaw IBM’s Watson project on the nationally televised game show Jeopardy. IBM states that, “Cognitive systems like Watson may transform how organizations think, act, and operate in the future. Learning through interactions, they deliver evidence based responses driving better outcomes.”

The main thrust of Iwata’s keynote focused on the importance of understanding how new technology is being used to track and gather public information, and how that research Big Data needs to be studied carefully and used by businesses in an ethical manner.

Iwata said universities around the country need to teach these concepts, citing IBM, which is teaching employees how to understand and use social media as branding tools. Currently, more marketing resources go into social media channels, with reduced funding into traditional forms of company advertising and marketing.

Click below for select short videos from his keynote:

Iwata discusses digital media approaches: IMG_5660

Iwata discusses Big Data science and PR: IMG_5661

Iwata on Big Data, computer science, and technology:  IMG_5671

Iwata discusses Watson, decision-making, and Jeopardy: IMG_5672

Iwata shows and discusses a clip of Watson in action on Jeopardy: IMG_5675 (pt.1) ; IMG_5676  (pt.2)

PR Day was a huge success for the JMC School. Congratulations to PR Professor Christine Di Salvo and all her public relations students who did an excellent job developing this event!


HS 158 Sampler Digital Presentation Invite: Join Us on May 7th


by Frank Strona

We invite you to visit with us on Tuesday, May 7th from 3:00 – 5:45 and see engaged and creative students who have created innovative digital projects based on 21st Century Learning and new media tools.  We will be holding the Sampler at the MLK Library Room #225/229 on the SJSU campus.  Each semester the students in HS158 work on community hosted projects that create opportunities to improve the objectives of the organization.

This year we have again adopted the Prezi.com tool to replace the traditional powerpoint presentations style. New this semester, students will provide an archive version with audio of their presentations which can be sent out via shared links after the event.

Read more about HS158 on the Casa Blog: December 2013,  April 14, 2013, and visit our class About.Me page here for a short overview. We also have a “work in progress blog” at www.HealthCommTech.com.

More info coming soon.