SJSU Human Rights Institute Moves to CHHS and Hosts Inaugural Event

By: Dr. Michael Dao, Assistant Professor, Department of Kinesiology

On November 8, 2023, the College of Health and Human Sciences with the San José State Human Rights Institute (HRI), now located in CHHS, partnered with the Santa Clara County Single Payer Coalition to screen the documentary “Healing US,” which compellingly lays out the human, moral and material cases for single-payer health care. The Santa Clara County Single Payer Healthcare Coalition brings community organizations together to organize, energize and educate our community to bring equal and quality healthcare to all people who reside in California.  This documentary details the multifaceted costs associated with the current health care insurance system in the U.S. when one is underinsured.  For example, approximately a half million families will file for bankruptcy this year due to unaffordable medical costs.

As part of the 2023 SJSU Transforming Communities programming, this screening was followed by a panel discussion featuring Kenny Ballentine (Director of Healing US), Dr. Yusra Hussain (Chair, Physicians for a National Health Program South Bay/Silicon Valley Chapter), Ash Kalra (Rep. California’s 25th Assembly District and promoter of healthcare for all), Alissa Shaw (Adjunct Professor, Department of Public Health and Recreation, SJSU) and Ryan Skolnick (Community Organizer at National Nurses United).

The panel discussion was thought-provoking and highlighted the need to promote adequate healthcare for all, especially those on the margins. As the first event of the college’s Human Rights Institute, it launched a focus on health as a human right and health equity. Moving forward, the Human Rights Institute will focus on events and research that broadly centers on health as a human right. Stay tuned for more events from the college and the institute.

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