JMC promotes Diversity pledge today

Students in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication Diversity in the Media course at San José State University will be hosting a “Diversity University” event Dec. 2, in Dwight Bentel Hall, from 1:30-2:45 p.m.

The event is designed to provide fun, activities and awareness while celebrating the diversity at SJSU, according to a press release written by the students. The afternoon activities will include a chance for students to take a pledge “to be more diverse around campus and in their daily lives.”

Students will have a chance to write down what they love most about their culture to post on a diversity board and they will also be able to write about stereotypes they hear or experience with advice on how to break those stereotypes. A video presentation will be aired that shows diversity and what it means to students across campus.

MCOM 150 is taught by Profess Dona Nichols in the College of Applied Sciences and Arts. Students in the class seek “to identify and evaluate the impact of ethnicity/culture, alternative lifestyles and gender issues in all facets of mass communications and media. It examines attitudes, trends and perceptions that help shape mass communications messages.”

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