New! Department Organizational Change Guidelines

**Original announcement posted in FinanceConnect list serv on 4/23/12**

Over the last several months, the Finance Service Group has worked to improve the organizational structure change process. We are pleased to present our newly created Department Organizational Change Guidelines, designed to assist campus department end users in identifying tasks to complete when a change to their organizational structure occurs. The guideline provides information on identifying appropriate change types, how to request the change, and identifies tasks that may need to be completed once the change is processed.

Along with the guideline, we have a new Organization Change Request form, to submit to the University Budget Office to initiate the change process. We have also developed a Checklist, which includes the contact information and tasks which may need to be completed when an organizational change takes place.

These new resources are available on the Finance website:

If you need assistance, please contact your Budget Analyst in the University Budget Office at 4-1558.

Inventory of University Equipment

*Original announcement posted in FinanceConnect list serv on 4/14/12*

The one-time inventory and retagging of university equipment by AssetWorks, Inc. (see message from the Vice President of Administration & Finance below) has been completed.  We wish to thank all of you for your cooperation and patience in dealing with the inevitable disruption caused by a project of this magnitude.
AssetWorks is currently analyzing the results of the inventory and will produce a report next week of equipment listed in our Asset Management system that they did not find and vice versa.  After we receive that report, we will follow up with the appropriate custodian departments to locate missing equipment or record its disposition.
If you have any questions, please contact Ruben Araiza, Property Coordinator in Accounting Services at 4-1595 or .  Thank you again for your cooperation.

VPA&F’s message:

SJSU has contracted with AssetWorks, Inc. to inventory all university equipment, and to re-tag the equipment using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags. (RFID tags can be scanned from a distance, which means the inventory can be performed faster.)

AssetWorks is scheduled to conduct the physical inventory from March 26  through April 13. During this three-week period we ask each department on the main and south campuses to have someone available who can help AssetWorks personnel locate the equipment. We are not able to give you a specific time during which your department will be inventoried, but we will try to give you as much advance notice as possible.