November 2017 Sourisseau Academy photo album and video

In the November 2017 Sourisseau Academy photo album Tom Layton (SJSU Professor Emeritus of Anthropology) chronicles a century and a half of Santa Clara Valley visionaries, free spirits, and a crackpots who “marched to a different beat!”

The November 2017 Sourisseau Academy news video features Sourisseau Academy Board member April Halberstadt’s story of intrepid photographer Alice Iola Hare, who brought her own distinct vision to the first wave of the Penny Postcard craze of the early 1900s.

Matthew Spangler’s Busy Summer

Communications Studies Professor Matthew Spangler had a very busy 2017: he was awarded the prestigious Leslie Irene Coger Award for Distinguished Performance by the National Communication Association, his adaptation of the play The Kite Runner was staged in London, and he conducted his third National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute for School Teachers. The SJSU September 2017 Academic Spotlight article provides additional information.

October 2017 Sourisseau Academy photo album and video

In this month’s Sourisseau photo album April Hope Halberstadt (a local historian and Sourisseau Board member) discusses Alice Iola Hare, one of the first postcard photographers in the Santa Clara Valley to publish penny postcards with color images.

This October Sourisseau Academy News Video explores the history of college football in the Santa Clara Valley. Associate Professor of History Libra Hilde (who is also a Sourisseau Board of Directors member) continues the retrospective she began in last month’s Sourisseau photo album.