September 2017 Sourisseau Academy photo album and video

Well through the first decade of the 20th Century, San Jose Normal School graduation photos featured a sea of frilly white gowns and a bare handful of dark suits. Who would imagine that those few men could field a competitive football team in 1898? Associate Professor of History Libra Hilde (who is also a Sourisseau Board of Directors member) tells the story of that sport in the late 19th century and early 20th century in the Santa Clara Valley.

This month’s Sourisseau Academy News Video features Michael Pearce’s story of railroads in the Santa Clara Valley.


Margo McBane Receives Grant

History Lecturer Margo McBane has received California Humanities funding for her “Cannery Workers, Cannery Lives” project. The grant will support a Cannery Worker Oral History/Photo Shoot Day on Sunday, September 10,  2017, at the San Jose Public Library to retrieve cannery worker life stories and accompanying family photos on family, work life, and community activities. At this event three documentation teams (comprised of SJSU alumni, students, and community members) will concurrently interview contributors and collect scanned photos from personal collections, resulting in the completion of twelve interviews. Each team will include a videographer, a photo scanner, and a bilingual interviewer. The interviews collected will become the basis for two Cannery Worker Community Conversations at two branches of the local San Jose Public Library during Hispanic Heritage Month on the topic of cannery workers and their contributions to the rich heritage of Santa Clara Valley. Congratulations Professor McBane!

Wendy Rouse Publishes New Book

Wendy Rouse (Assistant Professor of Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences) has published a new book, Her Own Hero: The Origins of the Women’s Self-Defense Movement. Initial reviews indicate that the book is “a highly readable study whose historical accounts of sexism and xenophobia bear repeated discussion,” “catalogues a grab bag of Progressive era thought and anxieties in favor of women’s self defense training from new women rhetoric about women’s physical and political emancipation to fears of white slavers, menacing male strangers, and rising Japanese cultural and political power,” and is “a terrific, influential book!” Congratulations, Professor Rouse!

August 2017 Sourisseau Academy photo album and video

Before 1864, travel around the Santa Clara Valley and beyond was virtually impossible six months of the year: mid-winter and mid-summer the roads were a sea of either mud or dust. Shipping Santa Clara Valley produce to market in San Francisco was difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. Michael Pearce, Sourisseau Academy’s Assistant Archivist, chronicles the many railroad lines that changed life in the Valley. Our Valley is still served hourly by the oldest railroad line west of the Mississippi. Once known as the San Francisco & San Jose RR, today we call it Caltrain. Our initial investment, made over 150 years ago, continues to serve us well.

This month’s Sourisseau Academy News Video explores the lives of women who worked in the Santa Clara Valley canning industry.

Black Faculty Portrait and Video Series

In Simple Gifts: A Portrait Series Celebrating SJSU’s Black Faculty, Black faculty at San José State University were asked to choose a personal keepsake, pose with that item for a formal portrait, and then explain how that item influenced their academic careers. Several CoSS faculty are featured: