Jan English-Lueck publishes an article about Silicon Valley culture

Anthropology Professor Jan English-Lueck recently published an article in Anthropology News. Navigating Silicon Valley’s Contradictions explores how “Silicon Valley’s workers must maneuver their way through this place of diversity and discrimination, capitalist aims, and countercultural aspirations.”

November 2018 Sourisseau Academy photo album and video

In 1930, most San José residents were familiar with the towns of Alma, Perry, Pomar, Madrone, and Wrights — none of which exist today. In the November 2018 Sourisseau Academy photo album Anthropology Professor Emeritus Tom Layton pays tribute to the towns and venues that have disappeared from our modern landscape.

The November 2018 Sourisseau Academy news video presents 150 years of birds-eye views of growth and change in the Silicon Valley.

October 2018 Sourisseau Academy photo album and video

From second story rooftops in 1858, to the 115-foot “birds’ nest” atop the dome of the Santa Clara County Court House in 1869, to the 207-foot platform near the top of the San José Electric Light Tower in 1881, artists and photographers, lugging sketch pads, tripods and glass plate negatives, climbed higher and higher to capture iconic panoramic vistas. In the October 2018 Sourisseau Academy photo album retired Anthropology Professor Tom Layton journeys into the sky to the imaginary heights from which artists have transformed the Silicon Valley into a fantastical realm where San José’s Hotel De Anza can easily loom larger than all of San Francisco.

The October 2018 Sourisseau Academy news video [titled “Horse Power!” this month] explores the era of the horse and buggy, and the sweet aroma of fruit trees by the side of the road.


Yvonne Kwan in Academic Spotlight Newsletter

Assistant Professor Yvonne Kwan was featured in the September 2018 SJSU Academic Spotlight newsletter. Professor Kwan discussed her forthcoming book, Afterlives of Diaspora: Cambodian American Trauma and Memory. Professor Kwan is a second-year Assistant Professor of Asian American Studies in the Department of Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences.

September 2018 Sourisseau Academy photo album and video

From 1850 to 1910, livery stables, harness makers, blacksmiths and wagon builders were essential to transportation and commerce in virtually every California town.  In the September 2018 Sourisseau Academy photo album retired Anthropology Professor Tom Layton presents an illustrated tour through the Equine Era of “horse power” to its replacement by the “horsepower” of the automobile.

The September 2018 Sourisseau Academy news video explores the elegant, engraved graphics that graced the letterheads of San José merchants during the same years as the “Equine Era.”