November 2017 Sourisseau Academy photo album and video

In the November 2017 Sourisseau Academy photo album Tom Layton (SJSU Professor Emeritus of Anthropology) chronicles a century and a half of Santa Clara Valley visionaries, free spirits, and a crackpots who “marched to a different beat!”

The November 2017 Sourisseau Academy news video features Sourisseau Academy Board member April Halberstadt’s story of intrepid photographer Alice Iola Hare, who brought her own distinct vision to the first wave of the Penny Postcard craze of the early 1900s.

A Public Discussion of Public Monuments

Join us for a community conversation and consideration of the issues surrounding public monuments around the country today, including the Columbus statue in San José City Hall. This event features the following SJSU panelists:

  • Dore Bowen, Associate Professor, Art History & Visual Culture
  • Libra Hilde, Associate Professor, History
  • Marco Meniketti, Professor, Anthropology
  • Manuel Callahan, Lecturer, Mexican-American Studies
  • Michael Roman, President, Native American Student Organization
  • Martin Madrigal, Co-Chair, MEChA de SJSU
  • Moderator: Melinda Jackson, Chair, Political Science

Students, faculty, staff, and community members are welcome.

  • When: 5:00–6:00, October 17
  • Where: MLK225