October 2018 Sourisseau Academy photo album and video

From second story rooftops in 1858, to the 115-foot “birds’ nest” atop the dome of the Santa Clara County Court House in 1869, to the 207-foot platform near the top of the San José Electric Light Tower in 1881, artists and photographers, lugging sketch pads, tripods and glass plate negatives, climbed higher and higher to capture iconic panoramic vistas. In the October 2018 Sourisseau Academy photo album retired Anthropology Professor Tom Layton journeys into the sky to the imaginary heights from which artists have transformed the Silicon Valley into a fantastical realm where San José’s Hotel De Anza can easily loom larger than all of San Francisco.

The October 2018 Sourisseau Academy news video [titled “Horse Power!” this month] explores the era of the horse and buggy, and the sweet aroma of fruit trees by the side of the road.


Events from SJSU’s Institute for Metropolitan Studies

Tuesday October 9th at 6pm: “The Color of Law”

Author Richard Rothstein will discuss his new book, about how race-based policies of the mid-20th Century created an enduring pattern of residential segregation in American cities that still needs to be addressed. IMS is co-sponsoring this event with SPUR San Jose.

6pm at SPUR San Jose, 76 S. First Street

More info: https://www.spur.org/events/2018-10-09/color-law

Wednesday October 17th at 12pm: Tactical Urbanism in Diverse Communities

Tactical urbanism and other ‘lighter, quicker, cheaper” approaches to streetscape redesign have become prominent trends in cities around the world in recent years. What does it mean to bring such things to less trendy places, traditionally under-served communities, or neighborhoods threatened by gentrification, and how can designers make sure improvements like these reflect the need and priorities of longtime residents? Join for a conversation with a panel of experts from cities across California.

12pm in MLK Library Room 225 (*refreshments will be served*)

RSVP here: https://goo.gl/forms/BU7LhljSwhgi2ayS2

Tuesday November 27th, 4:30pm: Craft Economies & Smaller Cities

Sociologist Richard Ocejo (CUNY Graduate Center) will join us to discuss his book on the rise of the craft economy and new work on the complex gentrification of small cities and industrial towns. (Co-sponsored by the Depts. of Economics and Anthropology.)

Tuesday December 4th, 12:30pm: The Road to Resegregation

Urban planner and geographer Alex Schafran (Univ. of Leeds) will present his new book, The Road to Resegregation: Northern California and the Failure of Politics, about how political fragmentation among institutions at all levels have led to a newly segregated geography of NIMBYism, sprawl, and the suburbanization of poverty. (Co-sponsored by TRANSITions SJSU.)

Smith/Carlos Legacy Event: “Social Action: It is in Our DNA”

October 16th, 1968 is the day that Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised their fists in Mexico City for racial justice, human rights, and the end to poverty.  On this 50th anniversary of their action, come hear from SJSU faculty, staff, and alumnae about Tommie and John’s historic action, as well as the long history of social justice at San Jose State University, which includes the creation of Chicano Commencement, the establishment (and re-establishment) of EOP, and the successful campaign to raise the minimum wage in San Jose.

Speakers include:

  • Rigo 23, California artist that designed and built the Tommie Smith and John Carlos Statues
  • Dr. Julia Curry, SJSU, Department of Mexican American Studies
  • Marina Corrales, SJSU class of 2010 (Master’s Degree, Applied Anthropology), and who worked to re-establish the EOP; currently SJSU EOP Academic Advisor
  • Diana Pondivilla Victa, SJSU ’10, former student leader of Students for EOP; currently Department Manager, SJSU Cesar Chavez Community Action Center
  • Leila McCabe, SJSU ’12, one of the founders of the SJ minimum wage campaign
  • Elisha St. Laurent, SJSU ’12, and former student leader that helped win the SJ minimum wage campaign

The event is sponsored by the Cesar Chavez Community Action Center, College of Social Science, Human Rights Collaborative, Institute for Study of Sport, Society and Social Change.  Please contact Dr. Scott Myers-Lipton at smlipton@sjsu.edu if you have any questions. Also, click here to see the booklet “Social Action: It is in Our DNA” about SJSU and its social action legacy: www.sjsu.edu/socialsciences/about/action/index.html

Yvonne Kwan in Academic Spotlight Newsletter

Assistant Professor Yvonne Kwan was featured in the September 2018 SJSU Academic Spotlight newsletter. Professor Kwan discussed her forthcoming book, Afterlives of Diaspora: Cambodian American Trauma and Memory. Professor Kwan is a second-year Assistant Professor of Asian American Studies in the Department of Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences.