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We’re All in. Are You?

There’s a bold, new vision for San Jose State. It’s not just about athletics. It’s not about football alone. But there are many examples of how a thriving football program can transform a university. It can be the path to success for all of our programs in every corner of the university. Under the leadership of Athletic Director Marie Tuite and Football Head Coach Brent Brennan, and with the support of alumni like legendary coach Dick Vermeil, ’58 Physical Education, ’59 MA Education, and donors Cindy, ’77 Liberal Studies, and Rich Thawley, ’77 Political Science, we can build and sustain a great football program.

We have good people who care about SJSU’s student-athletes. They care about the football program. And they care about the university. Will you join us?

Paul Lanning

Vice President, University Advancement
CEO, Tower Foundation of SJSU

“The time has come for us to move football to the next level.”
— Marie Tuite

“We’re going to teach hard work, we’re going to teach respect, we’re going to teach toughness, and we’re going to teach love.”
— Brent Brennan

“If it wasn’t for San Jose State, I wouldn’t be wearing this world championship ring.”
— Dick Vermeil

“I feel fortunate that we can make a difference. I’m excited and I’m all in.”
— Cindy Thawley

“The game has changed. We’ve changed the thinking. I hope you want to be a part of it. I hope you can step up.”
— Rich Thawley

For more about the August 10 All In kickoff and to support the campaign, visit sjsufootball.com


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