San José State Inducted Into Northwest University Semiconductor Network

by | Jun 26, 2023 | Academics, Awards and Achievements

SJSU joins a new semiconductor network that hopes to increase student opportunities to learn more about the semiconductor industry. Photo by Derrick Meyer.

San José State recently joined an exclusive group as the only California State University (CSU) campus inducted as an inaugural member of the Northwest University Semiconductor Network. Micron Technology, Inc., the only US-based manufacturer of computer memory, announced the network earlier this month, with a goal to increase student opportunities to learn more about the “semiconductor ecosystem.” 

The network includes thirteen universities in partnership with Micron Technology, the American Semiconductor Academy and the SEMI Foundation, and will “expand and prepare the next generation of talent through a framework centered on collaboration, innovation and problem-solving.” They specifically hope to attract more underrepresented students, especially those in tribal and rural communities, to various positions in the semiconductor industry. The network’s mission aligns well with SJSU’s push to give greater access and more research opportunities to its students, especially in STEMM-related (science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine) fields.

“San José State sits in the heart of the world’s center for innovation. We work every day to be a model in offering our students, particularly those who have been historically excluded from significant participation in STEMM career paths, access to hands-on educational and research opportunities of the highest quality and relevance,” says President of San José State University Cynthia Teniente-Matson. “We are incubating the next generation workforce, one that is diverse and motivated, and this opportunity for partnership with other universities and organizations in the network is both important and exciting.”

As Micron states, “Founding partners were identified based on their strong collective undergraduate and graduate programs in engineering and other STEM degrees, as well as on their vast R&D expertise and hands-on learning opportunities for students.” Other California schools in the network include UC Berkeley and UC Davis.

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