CSU and CSSA Statements Regarding SCOTUS Decision on Student Loan Forgiveness

by | Jun 30, 2023 | Leadership

Editor’s Note: This statement was released by the CSU Chancellor’s Office in response to the June 30, 2023 Supreme Court decision to reject President Biden’s executive order to cancel more than $400 million in student loan debt.

The following statement can be attributed to CSU Interim Chancellor Jolene Koester:

“We sympathize with the many college graduates across the country who are pained by the decision reached by the Supreme Court today. We recognize the financial relief a different decision would have yielded and affirm our longstanding commitment to providing an accessible, affordable, high-quality education. Additionally, the CSU will continue to advocate for effective federal measures such as doubling the Pell Grant, which would mean fewer students taking on debt and graduates entering the workforce on solid financial footing.

The foll​owing statement can be attributed to Dominic Quan Treseler​​, President, California State Student Association:

“The Cal State Student Association expresses deep disappointment in the Supreme Court’s decision against student loan forgiveness. We believe that this decision overlooks the crippling impact of student debt on millions of graduates and the wider implications it has on the socioeconomic fabric of our society. Despite this setback, CSSA remains steadfast in our commitment to advocate for accessible and affordable higher education. This decision does not mark the end of our efforts; rather, it fuels our determination to push for systemic changes that will lead to a more equitable education system. We will continue to work tirelessly on behalf of our students to seek remedies for the student debt crisis.

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