SJSU Police Officer

Police Arrest Assault Suspect

SJSU Police Officer

UPD investigators have cracked the case of the Clark Hall attacker (Christina Olivas photo).

With help from two people who knew what to do when a crime happens, police have arrested the man who allegedly attacked a student 9 p.m. March 15 in Clark Hall.

Here’s the University Police Department’s description of events: Shortly after the victim in the Clark Hall case contacted police, UPD sent a safety alert to the university community.

The victim of a separate off-campus robbery read the Alert-SJSU message, and then called UPD to report that the suspect in both cases had the same physical description.

UPD investigator Michael Barnes followed up with the San Jose Police Department, which was investigating the second victim’s case and had obtained images of the suspect. Campus library security officers recognized the man as 23-year-old Brandon Escamilla.

A little more than a week after the Clark Hall incident, police tracked down Escamilla and arrested him. He has been booked for robbery, burglary and assault with the intent to commit a sex crime.

So the new Spartans for Safety motto works: “See something. Say something.”