John Cheever's "The Swimmer"

The play is the work of two of SJSU’s top theatre arts instructors.

What do “Mad Men,” “The Simpsons” and SJSU have in common?

John Cheever, the Pulitzer Prize winning author who inspired these shows and SJSU’s new play, “The Swimmer and Other Suburban Short Stories,” opening March 14 at the University Theater.

Cheever is known as “the Chekhov of the suburbs.”

Associate Professor of Communication Studies Matthew Spangler adapted the piece for the stage, drawing from his experiences with the stage adaptation of “The Kite Runner” by novelist Khaled Hosseini.

Theatre Arts Lecturer Kathleen Normington, recently named SJSU’s 2012-2013 Outstanding Lecturer Award, will direct the show.

Tickets are $10 for students, $15 for general admission. Learn more.

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