Hackathon Offers Hands-On Experience

NFC Hackathon Offers Hands-On Experience

The event is a great opportunity to gain first-hand experience with emerging technology and to interact with industry professionals.

You’ve seen it on TV and maybe even tried it with your own phone. Now NFC is coming to SJSU.

The SJSU NFC Hackathon begins 1 p.m. Nov. 30 in the Student Union. Advance registration is preferred, though teams can enter at the event.

Entrants will be asked to develop NFC applications that could be used at San Jose State. They will also draft business plans.

NFC stands for Near Field Communication, and it’s a way to transfer info over radio waves using a cell phone.

If you tuned in to the World Series, you saw NFC in action during the commercial showing a couple swapping videos by tapping together their cell phones.

But there are many more ways to use NFC, including mobile payments and unlocking doors.

Like a QR code, NFC can even be used to get more info on a product or event from an ad or sign embedded with a special tag.

One key difference is NFC works off tech inside phones, while QR codes run off downloadable apps.

Four Gary J. Sbona Honors Program students are organizing the hackathon, providing them professional marketing experience.

The event is also a great opportunity for contestants to gain first-hand experience with emerging technology, and to interact with industry professionals.

In fact, the grand prize includes guaranteed interviews for paid internships during spring term at a Bay Area startup.

Partners include Motorola, Samsung, Bank of America and the Silicon Valley Center for Entrepreneurship.

The event will be hosted by Kovio, SJSU and the Sbona Honors Program. Learn more by visiting the hackathon website.