By Dillon Steele Adams, Public Affairs Assistant

Dillon Adams stands outside camera 12 in front of the Cinequest box office.

Dillon Steele Adams helps prepare Camera 12 for the world-renowned film festival, Cinequest (Ryan Whitchurch photo).

Upon stepping into Hugh Gilles Hall for my RTVF 185 Special Topics class, I was greeted by Halfdan Hussey, one of the co-founders and the executive director of Cinequest.

After the first class, everyone was given the opportunity to join one of two teams, the Hospitality Team or the Special Forces Unit. I joined the Special Forces Unit, which determined how I would spend the rest of my semester working for a world-renowned film festival, which featured many Spartan filmmakers.

I first started working at Camera 12 setting up for the film festival by putting up posters and cleaning up the theater. A couple of days later, the opportunity for me to do security on Opening Night and escort a V.I.P. opened up. My jobs varied greatly throughout my time during Cinequest, which gave me the chance to experience all aspects of the film festival.

My final project in the class is to write a business plan for any kind of business or project I would like to take on. The point of this project is not to force me to write a business plan focused on creating a feature film or production company, but rather a chance for me to be creative and pursue what I am passionate about. With the two most important aspects of this class being my experience at Cinequest and creating a business plan, I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in film festivals and pursuing their dreams.

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