Female SJSU student sitting in the wellness massage chair.

Reduce Stress with Wellness Massage Chair

Female SJSU student sitting in the wellness massage chair.

The writer, junior journalism/nutrition major Amanda Holst, takes a couple of minutes to de-stress in the programmable massage chair located at Wellness and Health Promotion Office in the Health Building.

By Amanda Holst, Public Affairs Assistant

As the first major assignments and tests start to roll around, this can be a stressful time of year for everyone on campus, me included! So when I heard the Student Health Center had a massage chair, I just had to try it, and I gotta tell you, it did not disappoint! The massage chair, free for SJSU students, was brought to the Health Center three years ago as a way to alleviate stress for students, and is part of the Eight Dimensions of Wellness, according to campus wellness assistant director, Laurie Morgan.

After signing in for my appointment on the second floor, I was escorted to what seemed like an ordinary room. When the door opened, I was taken aback by pure ambiance. The dim lighting and an enchanting serene waterfall poster on the wall set the tranquil mood for the entire room, making the massage chair look all the more welcoming. After a quick two-minute tutorial I sat down ready for my experience. The massage chair was plush all over, and once adjusted, fit me like a glove. I selected a five-minute quick session, which offered a little bit of everything: Shiatsu, deep, Swedish and stretch massages. At first, the rollers hurt because my muscles were so tight, but after I got used to them and allowed myself to relax, I let the chair work its magic. The techniques ranged from gentle, circular squeezing to rapid taps and alternating movements on my neck, shoulders, and back. After using the chair for only five minutes, I can definitely say that it exceeded all of my expectations. I left feeling relaxed and far less stressed than I was when I arrived. I can’t wait to go back!