See you later, Hong Kong by Mariah Van

I started my day in awe that my time in Hong Kong has come to an end. It felt like only yesterday that we were all anxious and excited strangers preparing for our abroad program together. Early this morning, as we all spent putting the final touches on our group presentations it start to really feel like the end. The last time we would be all together in our dorms, waiting for each other in the lobby, and walking to Poly U’s campus. And although after fourteen days together we felt like we have become locals I’m glad that we all struggles to still find the classroom where our presentations were held and the bathroom within the building. These small mishaps reminded me of how a group of strangers can become so close within a matter of days.

As we ended our presentations many headed back to our dorms to run errands and pack for their early flights. Soon after, we headed back to Poly U for our banquet dinner. The dinner was held as a farewell and an opportunity for us to meet the friends we made one last time. It was the best way to end our trip because we were able to be together one last time and gave us an opportunity to show our appreciate to the Poly U staff, hosts, and students for their time, energy, and hospitality through out our stay here. Many conversations, stories, laughs, and hugs were shared through out the dinner and near the end it felt more like a ‘see you later’ than a farewell.
This study abroad program will definitely be something I will look back on and cherish. I have made connections, friends, and family along the way and have learned things I never thought I needed to know.
As times passes we often hear that what feels like the end is often the beginning. Although it is difficult to feel this in the present I hold faith in this quote as I say goodbye to the friends I have made and the place that has become a second home. I wanted to especially thank my classmates, Poly U’s staff, and Professor Harvey for an incredible experience that I would not want to share with anyone else. I will always look back on our memories with a smile!

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