Active Learning Certificate Program

Okay!! How does it sound, being in a place full of different faces, different thought processes, different needs, staring at you hoping to find answers to some unknown questions? Scary Right?

Yes, Indeed it is. It’s tough being a teacher. Being a graduate student and having years of schooling, I have realized how difficult being a teacher is when I received this opportunity to assist them. Yes, I realized working here at eCampus, how the teachers work hard to help students, how every student in the class they have matters to them, and how important is it for them to make sure every student gets benefits out of their classes.

Teaching requires you to have a job skill that combines the expertise required for many jobs. You should be a great presenter, an actor, an entertainer, a reporter, an examiner, a motivator, an artist, and the list goes on and why not? We have examples below to prove that:

Great Teachers
A teacher who changed my life

We at eCampus provide resources to give your teaching skills just the right garnishing so that it can be showcased the right way to the world.  When you have the passion to teach, why not just make it worth the while, why not enjoy doing it by getting the best out of it.

The Active Learning Certificate Program gives a nudge to your existing skills and also helps to endorse them.  The program consists of varied workshops to help you know more about how to approach teaching in ways that engage your students. The focus is on implementing activities in your class to improve participation and collaboration and not just simply sit and listen the lectures.

The topics addressed in each workshop gives you the elixir of exemplary teaching. The program helps you understand the habits of mind, strategies to deepen student collaborations, recommendations of ways to induce brainstorming, build connections, techniques for using groups effectively in class, methods behind the art of explaining concepts by real world examples, ideas for managing the class timing, references for preparing tests the optimal way, strategies for improving class outcomes, and additional tips.

This program was offered this spring, and we had a diverse cohort of instructors who participated and took a step closer to support their passion for teaching. View the list of faculty members who joined the program during Spring 2019:

Participating faculty members Spring 2019

We know you would really go further and beyond to make your efforts bring better results, so why not start by taking this extra mile of joining the Active Learning Certificate Program and get the classroom that is challenging, interactive, creative and aware. Sounds interesting right?

Teddy Kebede

Teddy is a senior undergraduate student studying Communications and Global Leadership and Innovation. He specializes in media studies and marketing and is expected to graduate in May 2019. He is the Marketing and Design Student Assistant here at eCampus. I am so glad that I got a chance to meet and work with Teddy. He welcomed me to the team and showed me what it means to be a team player.

He creates visuals like photos, flyers, videos and designs for the departments. His job is to market eCampus events to the 40,000+ SJSU students, faculty and staff. He also manages our social media content on multiple platforms and work as a contributor for our eCampus blogs.

Having him on the team makes a huge difference because he is motivating and a great listener. The way he communicates upcoming events and announcements with our team is inspiring. Teddy has been with eCampus longer than all of us (about a year) and he took on the leadership role of helping us get adjusted to the work environment and culture. One can just get awed by the creativity he has within himself. His output is impressive, to say the least. His passion for creating content and marketing is always on full display in our office. “I love that I am able to be my full creative self. This position was created for me when I first got hired, because I have both design and marketing backgrounds. I create marketing campaigns and design for eCampus which allows me to push myself to newer heights. Collaborating with Adobe and with the university for various events and projects has allowed me to network and work with people who are innovative and encouraging. In almost a year, I have grown so much in my knowledge of my craft. I also enjoy being part of a very diverse and inclusive team. I can count on my co-workers for insight, help and encouragement when I need it.”

When he is working on a design or successfully finished a marketing campaign he humbly says, “I did a little something-something”. He is not only a great person to work with but a wonderful human being to be around. He would go above and beyond to help people in all possible ways.

He plans on working for an advertising/media company that is diverse, innovative and inclusive. He also wants to help create content that is representative of his reality and that makes people feel included.

When asked about his dream job he said, “My dream job would is to be a Chief Content Officer for a major media company or maybe even create my own media company. I want to change the way marginalized folks are represented. I want to help create stories and worlds where new narratives are being told.”

He is a person you can always count on. When he is not working or creating content, he is outdoors taking pictures. “Photography has always been a passion of mine and I am blessed that eCampus allows me to incorporate it into my work”. His personality really comes across in his shots. He took headshots of all student employees so that we can use it for professional matters. Teddy took all the pictures you see on our eCampus social media platforms. His work in photography captures a million unspoken words. When asked about photography he says, “I love walking around and taking pictures of things that catch my eye. It’s a passion of mine to capture something beautiful and immortalize it in a picture”.

It’s impressive how he sees work through from conception to completion. He has a brilliant sense for marketing and communication. I have seen him bring together people from different backgrounds and have them collectively work together. Teddy’s talents are only going to grow from here and we know we’re going to witness huge achievements from him in the future.

Vedant Bhoj

Vedant Bhoj handles all of the website development for eCampus. As the Web Developer Assistant, Vedant says his main responsibilities is to, “design, develop, and maintain the eCampus websites along with creating, managing, and maintaining a variety of interactive multimedia materials, graphics and presentations for our eCampus website“. As a first year Graduate student studying Computer Engineering, he incorporates a lot of his academic learnings to his work.

Vedant joined the team 3 months ago and just jumped right in. He quickly picked up the department culture and how invested we are in creativity and used that to his benefit. Vedant always collaborates with his team but specifically with the design assistant to get a variety of opinions on his work. This has helped him get a broader outlook on web-design and creating content for social media. We were all impressed by Vedant’s willingness to seek out help and input from his co-workers.

Vedant has a strong grasp for web-development and picks things up quickly. In his short time here, he has collaborated with the design team to create multiple online content for eCampus and he also designed this blog for everyone to see. He says he finds inspiration and drive from his co-workers. “eCampus is full of people from diverse backgrounds and it has allowed me to elevate my global understanding and enhanced the way I develop and design”.

He is expected to graduate in May 2020 and hopes to create robust and secure systems that help make the world a better place. In his lifetime, he wants to start his own company that takes on environmental issues in innovative ways. When he is not creating websites and designing content, he is traveling around the Bay Area trying food from different cultures. “I am a foodie at heart and would like experience the different culture and food while I travel”. He also loves Moto Vlogs (vlogging the travels through social media) wants to travel the world on a Motor Bike and hopes to inspire other people to travel through his vlogs. Vedant is an extremely kind and hardworking young man whose talents continue to surprise us every day. Any company would be lucky to have him on board.


Saurabh Shirur


Saurabh Shirur is the Student Assistant that works on Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) for eCampus. He is a Computer Engineering graduate student and is expected to graduate in December 2019. As a graduate student in his second year, he sees the finish line coming up. He has a passion for developing software that help those in need and hopes to incorporate that into his final project. He has been a member of the eCampus team for 3 months.

Not many people know but the university has taken many innovative steps to make lectures and teaching more engaging. The nursing department and other departments across campus have utilized the VR and AR work eCampus have created in their classrooms. Students have reported that the use of VR and AR in classrooms has allowed them to get a more hands on experience and has completely enriched their learning experience. Saurabh says his main role for eCampus is to, “work on developing VR and AR applications which are used by professors to simplify the process of teaching complex concepts to their students. I work on adding features to the existing applications as well as creating user interfaces to make it simpler to use the applications”. The work that Saurabh does has a profound impact on student learning experiences and how professors present their topics.

Saurabh is usually seen with a positive attitude and a welcoming personality. He says his favorite part of working at eCampus is, “having the opportunity to work on interesting projects and be a part of a very supporting team. I really like the freedom I have to be innovative and pushing myself to solve difficult questions”. eCampus is always trying to push the boundaries of educations and teaching. After graduation Saurabh says, “I plan on learning new technologies and skills that are used to build scalable and robust software”. Saurabh wants to apply what he has learned as grad student in his professional work life. He says, he aspires to work as a Software Developer so that he can develop software that has a positive impact on people’s lives.

One interesting fact about Saurabh is that he is a world traveler. “I love to travel a lot and visit new countries to experience different cultures. I have already been to 14 countries and I am planning to travel to much more”. He brings with him his global knowledge and passion for wanting to develop software that help mankind. We are incredibly fortunate to have someone like Saurabh on our team.