Jaime Hsu

Jaime is studying the Design Studies Major at San José State University and is expected to graduate in 2022. 

As an eCampus Student Assistant, Jaime is responsible for creating any graphic elements the department needs while collaborating with the eCampus Team. When she first started this job, Jaime was so excited to begin designing for the department because she can learn what it means to be a graphic designer and gain new experiences and skillsets. Her favorite part of the job at eCampus is to design all sorts of graphics for SJSU, whether it be a flyer, an icon, or an announcement graphics.  

When asked about her future plans, Jaime said, “Anything and everything, I suppose. I want to go out in the world and work on all sorts of design projects because my interests are all over the place. I would like to work on product designs or user interface designs, as long as whatever I am creating is conveying a positive message.”

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