Students Present at BAUCRC

Twelve SJSU communication studies students presented eight papers today at the Bay Area Undergraduate Communication Research Conference (BAUCRC) hosted by Santa Clara University. Started in 2009 by faculty at the University of San Francisco, San Francisco State University, San José State University, and Santa Clara University, the conference features the top student communication research in from the Bay Area and beyond.

This year’s SJSU papers and researchers were:

  • Instructor Competent Communication: Perspectives from Instructors and Students
    Leif Rogers, Rendell Boguiren, & Travis Kimes
  • Perception of Effectiveness of the Coaching Process from Coaches and Students Perspective
    Suchitra Varma
  • Communication Studies Department Communication Methodologies: A Case Study at SJSU
    Daniel Hinojosa
  • The Difficult Dialogues Program—A Self-Efficacy Study
    Matthew H. Zweier
  • Buffy the Gender Role Slayer: Deconstructing Female Stereotypes in Geek Culture
    Amarissa Mathews
  • Popularity in the Eyes of Teens: A Rhetorical Analysis of Teen Comedies
    Reginald I. Malla
  • Relational Maintenance Via Text Messaging
    Sofia Cruz, Laurel Marshall, & Tania Berlinski
  • Volunteerism: Identification and Commitment in Assemblyman Jim Beall’s 2012 State Senate Campaign
    Matthew Gloria-Dalton

Congratulations to these student researchers!

Undergraduate students from the University of San Francisco, Santa Clara University, University of the Pacific, Humboldt State University, Chapman University, Loyola Marymount University, the University of Miami, San Francisco State University, and CSU, Fresno also presented their research. Twenty-nine papers were paneled for the conference.

Also, thanks to Dr. Richard Webb for serving as a panel respondent, and to Professor Gina Firenzi, Dr. Ted Coopman, and Dr. Felipe Gómez for attending the conference.

SJSU Forensics Wins in Individual Events

The SJSU Forensics Team earned high marks this past weekend at Delta College and University of the Pacific. Here are the numbers:

Friday Delta College, Friday, Nov 2
Katrina Swanson 1st open extemp; 3rd open impromptu; 3rd open Communication Analysis
Chantel Steburg and Katelin Zweifel-Kurzchin novices took 2nd in Open competition in Duo
Onofre Galves 3rd novice poetry (tied for 2nd)
Avesta Sabetian – semi-finalist in impromptu
Katelin Zweifel-Kurzchin  semi-finalist in impromptu
4th Sweeps

University of the Pacific, Saturday/Sunday, Nov 3 & 4
over 30 schools from DC, Texas, Kansas, Illinois, Colorado, and more!
Katrina Swanson  1st in Open extemp (HUGE victory); 4th open Impromptu
Onofre Galves – 1st novice poetry
Ryan Gallagher  – 2nd novice prose
Avesta Sabetian – semi-finalist in impromptu
Matt Zweier  5th Open impromptu
Shacori Poole finalist in Open Programmed Oral Interp

Congratulations to the students and coaches!!!

SJSU Forensics Team Debates in Santa Rosa

Genelle Austin-Lett, SJSU Forensics Director, reported that the award-winning SJSU Forensics Team earned multiple trophies yesterday at the Santa Rosa Tournament. Chantel Steburg and Katelin Zweifel-Korzuchin competed in their first debate tournament as novices. Katelin was 4th novice speaker and Chantel was 8th novice speaker.

David Jacques‘ partner couldn’t make it (his professor wouldn’t let him take his mid-term early) so David was paired with a student from City College of San Francisco. The two took a silver medal and David was 2nd place novice speaker.

In open Katrina Swanson was 2nd place speaker

The open team of Matt Zweier and Avesta Sabetian took a silver.  This was their first time as partners and Matt was 1st place speaker and Avesta was 5th.

The entire squad was 2nd place sweeps in debate. Congratulations to our winning debaters!!

COMM Major’s “Gangnam Style” wedding video goes viral

COMM Major Sonny Tang owns and operates a wedding videography company called Lightbulb Videography. Earlier this month, while filming the wedding of a some close friends in San Francisco, they created a video in the style of Korean rapper Psy’s smash hit video Gangnam Style.
Since posting the video on YouTube, they’ve been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, the Huffington Post, CBSNews7, Inside Edition, and Sonny was interviewed on the Bay Area radio station Movin 99.7 NOW. Perhaps in the ultimate test of internet popularity, their video made the front page of YouTube and Yahoo!

Congratulations Sonny on this success. Be sure to check out Sonny’s video!