Dr. Spangler’s Play Wins 2 Elliot Norton Awards

Kudos to Dr. Matthew Spangler, whose play, Albatross, won two Elliot Norton Awards in Boston last week (Outstanding Production and Outstanding Solo Show).  It will be produced again this coming week, for five performances only, at the New Repertory Theatre in Boston.

From the theatre’s press: “Albatross is not a mere recitation of Coleridge’s classic “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”. It’s a breathtaking theatrical reimagining that pulls the Mariner into the 21st century, a 300 hundred-year-old immortal doomed to tell his harrowing sea yarn to you, the audience. It’s funny, shocking, and exciting – full of pirates, storms, sea battles, even penguins. Ultimately, it’s a profoundly moving celebration of the power of storytelling, the interconnectedness of life on earth, and the urgent necessity of Love.”

You can watch the trailer here!


Congratulations Dr. Spangler!


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