Dr. Todd is Outstanding!

Please congratulate Dr. Anne Marie Todd, this year’s recipient of the university’s outstanding professor award!
Image of Dr. Todd
From her nomination letter:  “Let me emphasize that Dr. Todd’s contributions are not simply a matter of adding up the number of SOTE scores, faculty workshops, student advising activities, etc., as impressive as those numbers might be. There is a quality dimension to Dr. Todd’s work that puts her in a special category. First, Dr. Todd is an excellent communicator, one who is sophisticated in developing collaborative processes and productive work relationships with faculty, students, and community members. Second, she has a strong work ethic; you can always count on her to step up, follow through and ultimately get things done. And on top of all that, she is a wonderful person: ethical, generous, and caring with just the right blend of humor and seriousness. It is clear to me that her colleagues and students have great admiration and respect for her. I know I certainly do.”
Dr. Todd will be honored at the Faculty Service Recognition and Awards Luncheon on March 11th; for more information: 
Congratulations Dr. Todd!


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