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Attention graduating seniors!

April 2nd, 2014 by Ron Rogers

Last Job & Internship Fair of the semester…


60 employers are registered in the Spring ’14 Business, Government & Nonprofit Job & Internship Fair. Over 10% of the employers attending have internship opportunities available. In addition, the largest majors employers are seeking to recruit from this event are:

  • Liberal Arts – 68%–College of Social Science and Humanities &Arts
  • CASA – 70%
  • Business – 65%

What do you need to attend?

Summer 2014 Course Offerings

March 24th, 2014 by Ron Rogers

Summer Session provides current San Jose State University students and the public an opportunity to take classes for college credit during one of three convenient time frames.  Whether you wish to get ahead in your studies, make up for courses missed, or explore new areas of study, Summer Session can help. Credit goes toward your degree. Courses and credit are also available to community college and other non-SJSU students as well.

How to Register:

Web Registration for matriculated students begins Monday, April 7 and closes Friday, May 23.   SJSU Student Registration:

  1. Verify that you have your UserID and password.
  2. Review the courses available and select your courses
  3. Go to to login and register, Choose “Summer Session One” for all of your classes. See Tutorial (PDF)

Registration for Open University or Non-matriculated students, who do not have official admission to San José State University, begins Monday, April 21 and closes Friday, May 23.

Summer Psychology/Statistics Courses:

Sub Cat # Sec. Class # Days Start End Date Date end Room Instructor
PSYC 1 01 30019 ONLINE 6/2/14 8/8/14 Snycerski
PSYC 1 02 30020 MW 9:00:00 12:45:00 6/2/14 7/3/14 CL205 Karlsson
PSYC 30 01 30021 MW 9:00:00 10:55:00 6/2/14 8/8/14 CL318 Trafalis
PSYC  100W 01 30034 MW 13:00:00 14:55:00 6/2/14 8/8/14 CL316 Huntsman
PSYC 102 01 30022 TR 9:00:00 12:45:00 6/2/14 7/3/14 CL205 Jones-Hagata
PSYC 110 01 30023 TR 9:00:00 12:45:00 6/2/14 7/3/14 CL316 Arias
PSYC 117 01 30024 MW 9:00:00 12:45:00 6/2/14 7/3/14 CL240 Oliveira
PSYC 120 10 30025 TR 9:00:00 10:55:00 6/2/14 8/8/14 CL318 Van Selst
PSYC 120 11 30026 TR 11:00:00 12:15:00 6/2/14 8/8/14 DMH339 Van Selst
PSYC 135 01 30027 MW 11:00:00 12:55:00 6/2/14 8/8/14 CL310 Huntsman
PSYC 142 01 30028 TR 13:00:00 16:45:00 7/7/14 8/8/14 CL316 Berg
PSYC 154 01 30029 TR 9:00:00 12:45:00 6/2/14 7/3/14 HGH223 Asuncion
PSYC 160 01 30031 MW 9:00:00 13:45:00 6/2/14 7/3/14 CCB102 Del Chiaro
PSYC 190 01 30033 MW 15:00:00 18:45:00 6/2/14 7/3/14 CL316 Fanos
STAT 95 01 30036 TR 13:00:00 16:45:00 6/2/14 7/3/14 CL316 Schuster
STAT 95 02 30038 ONLINE 6/2/14 8/8/14 Laraway
STAT 115 01 30039 MW 11:00:00 14:45:00 6/2/14 7/3/14 CL318 Hosoda


SPARC 2014 – Call for Submissions

February 20th, 2014 by Ron Rogers

Gain professional experience in a cooperative environment!

Since 1957, the Spartan Psychological Association Research Conference (SPARC) has been providing students of psychology the opportunity to present their original research in a conference setting.  Undergraduate and graduate students interested in presenting their psychological research at SPARC should submit an abstract for consideration by March 21, 2014.

Please join us this year – as presenter or attendee – for another outstanding program comprised of oral presentations, a poster session, and a keynote address from a distinguished scholar in psychology.

Submission Information:

Deadline: Friday, March 21, 2014
Submission Process:  Online Form

Keynote Speaker:

Dr. James McGaugh
Professor, University of California, Irvine
SJSU Psychology Alumnus
Web site

Event Information:

May 8, 2014
San Jose State University
Student Union Ballroom
Web site


Student-athletes work on sport transition study

February 18th, 2014 by Ron Rogers

Image:  Football game

by Spartan Daily, Feb 16, 2014

A group of San Jose State University athletes are  working on a study that focuses on the transition from high school to college football and the stresses that come with being a student athlete.

The study was launched in Fall 2012 with the help of Joanna Fanos, a psychology professor.

The program was created by Vince Buhagiar, a senior psychology major, graduate David Fales and David Catalano, a sophomore business management major.

Buhagiar, Fales and Catalano all played for the Spartan football team.

“The main basis of it is to help incoming freshmen with the transition between high school and college,” Buhagiar said. “We believe that is a struggle for anyone, but especially for athletes, because on top of the school and the social and the being away from home they have to juggle another part of their life which is athletics.”

Fanos said the study was influenced by a study at the University of North Texas titled “Helping Freshman Student Athletes Adjust to College Life Using Psychoeducational Groups,” written by Henry L. Harris, Michael K. Altekruse and Dennis W. Engels.

The UNT study split students into groups from basketball, cross-country, football, golf, swimming and diving, tennis, volleyball and track and field.

Groups discussed issues having to do with student athletics and the results showed that the sessions helped students adjust to the college environment, according to the study. 

The SJSU transition study focuses on male football players, Fanos said.

The transition group meets once a week, breaks into different groups and discusses different issues. In the Fall there will be a questionnaire given out which will assess the group members’ progress, she said.

“We hope that this season will be much more organized,” Buhagiar said.

Buhagiar said it took two years for the group to create a good framework for the study.

“It would be awesome if we could publish our study,”  Buhagiar said. “And other teams — whether it’s the coach and academic personnel from other colleges — reads it and decides that it’s a good idea and they initiate a similar project.”

The study focuses on adjusting to being away from home, not being the hero of the football team as high school students often are, dating, homesickness and other issues, Fanos said.

“These football players spend a tremendous amount of time training,” Fanos said.

She said student athletes often have to squeeze coursework in between sports training, classes, traveling for games and their social lives.

Many students have time to do their homework over the weekend, but the football players are doing it on the bus, Fanos said.

“These folks are great,” Fanos said. “I’m just very impressed with them.” 

New football players often red shirt, or sit on the bench during their first season, Fanos said.

She and Buhagiar both said red shirting causes athletes to feel left out, which can add to the stress of the high school to college transition.

“They feel like pieces of meat,” Fanos said. 

Twins Rebecca and Breanna Garcia, both junior psychology majors, are on the cross country and track teams and are helping with the study.

Breanna and Rebecca said they started working on the study this semester.

“I think it was really clear to us being division one athletes that a support group is vital to that transition,” Breanna said.

The group has started a literature review this semester, and will start collecting data from the football team in the 2014 football season, she said.

“You really have to stand back and realize that it’s not going to fall apart if you don’t meet a certain goal,” Rebecca said. “That you’re not going to crumple.”

The study is in the early stages of progress, Fanos said.

“I’m out there working with these guys every day and I’ve learned stuff about them that would make me gain a lot of respect,”  Buhagiar said. “Things that you wouldn’t talk about every day and it’s just surprising that they’re able to live with that and hold everything together so well.”


Inspired by His Sister, Spartan Designs App

February 17th, 2014 by Ron Rogers


Designed by SJSU students, the Bloom app minimizes risk by providing daily goals that adapt to the changing needs of an expectant mother over the course of her pregnancy (image courtesy of Jarad Bell and Cherie Yamaguchi).

It all began with a Spartan’s sister, who needed a good way to track data that would help keep her and her baby healthy through a difficult pregnancy.

That simple observation, by graduate student Jarad Bell, ’15 Human Factors, inspired plans for a new app recently accepted to the second round of a prestigious international design competition.

“The competition received 65 submissions from around the world and their manuscript was selected as one of the top 12,” wrote Assistant Professor Jeremiah Still of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Graduate Program.

Competing Internationally

The SJSU team will travel in April to Toronto, Canada, to present their work at the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, the premier international conference on human-computer interaction.

“It is clear by the academic participation and industry sponsors, including Google, Microsoft, Bloomberg and Autodesk, that this is the place to shine,” Still said.

Five students collaborated on “Bloom: Fostering Healthy and Peaceful Pregnancies with Personal Analytics”: Bell, graduate students Cherie Yamaguchi, ’14 Human Factors, Max Wenger, ’14 Human Factors, and Peter McEvoy, ’15 Human Factors, and undergraduate Auriana Shokrpour, ’14 Psychology.

This year’s challenge was “to design an object, interface, system or service intended to help us to develop and share self-awareness, understanding or appreciation for our body data,” according to organizers.

Developing the App

The SJSU team set out to develop an app that would foster healthy and peaceful pregnancies by motivating expectant mothers to sustain beneficial habits and behaviors.

Within the Psychology of Design Lab, the team worked hard to develop and complete an iterative research and design process that explored how persuasive design characteristics could be employed to encourage self-monitoring and motivationally sustain healthy behavior in expectant mothers.

Bloom minimizes risk by providing daily goals that adapt to the changing needs of an expectant mother over the course of her pregnancy.

In addition, the app maximizes peace of mind by offering tools that augment self-awareness and facilitate enriched communication between the medical community and expectant mothers.

Sister’s Feedback

“I have shared the project with my sister,” Bell said. “She felt that the app is the perfect way for pregnant women to take control of their health and be proactive about any complications or issues that may arise.”

Thinking about Law School?

February 7th, 2014 by Ron Rogers

This message is posted on behalf of Dr. Rita Manning (Pre-Law Advisor).

Our first event of the semester is a law school visit complete with a mock law class. Come and see what law school is like and what you need to do to be a successful applicant. A flyer is attached. This event will be on Thursday, 2/13 from 4-5:45 in ART 133.

Here are other events to put on your calendar:

Monday, March 17 noon – 1:00 – former Record Clearance Project clients talk about the importance of expungement and second chances (room TBD)

Monday, March 17 4:30 – 5:30 – Judge Erica Yew talks about the criminal justice system, the role of “problem-solving” courts like Family Wellness Court and her path to becoming a judge (room TBD)

Tuesday, March 18 3:00 – 5:00 – Record Clearance Project hearing, Department (=courtroom”) 66, Terraine Courthouse, 115 Terraine Street (x-street: St. John), San Jose, Judge Shawna Schwarz presiding over expungement cases for 8 RCP clients

Thursday, March 20 noon – 1:00 (time tentative) – Judge Ed Davila talks about the criminal justice system, some ideas for those just entering the field, and his path to becoming a judge

Thursday, March 20 4:30 – 5:30 – law students talk about applying to and being in law school (Room TBD)

GENERATE: Pathways to a Career in Counseling

February 5th, 2014 by Ron Rogers

This workshop will give you more information about the paths to your own career in counseling. Come learn about the different types of counseling and the ways to make it your future career.  These workshops are part of a series designed to support students who are the first in their family to attend college.

Please register because space is limited and workshops with low registration may be cancelled. We will accept walk-ins if space is available.  This workshop is for SJSU students only and is wheelchair accessible. If you need other accommodations, please contact: Counseling Services, Administration Building, Room 201, 408-924-5910,

The registration deadline for this event is 2/27/2014 11:59 PM

Start Date: 2/27/2014 Start Time: 5:30 PM
End Date: 2/27/2014 End Time: 7:00 PM
This workshop will take place in MOSAIC, located in Mod. A.

Contact Information:

  • Name: Jennifer Lynne Morazes
  • Phone: 408-924-5910
  • Email:

Career Center Events – Spring 2014

January 24th, 2014 by Ron Rogers


EXPO ‘14 Job & Internship Fair

Meet with 100+ employers anticipating internship and/or career opportunities in business and technical fields. Open to SJSU students and registered Alumni in all majors. Complete the online job fair success workshop to increase your marketability and to obtain an Early Bird Pass. Business casual or professional business dress strongly recommended.

Thursday     3/6     Event Center     Noon–2 p.m. (Registered & Early Bird)

                                                      2 p.m.–5 p.m. (SJSU students & Alumni)

* Tower Card or Career Center Membership Required

** Last Admittance at 4:30 p.m.


Work with Meaning: Finding a Career in Today’s Nonprofit World sponsored by

Join us at this interactive, fun workshop to learn about the nonprofit field, job search strategies, and what nonprofit professionals look for when hiring new graduates. Facilitated by Kara Montermoso of

Tuesday     3/18     Student Union     12:00–1:30pm 


Nonprofit and Public Service Forum

Come to this interactive networking event and get tips from employers on starting a career in the public service and nonprofit sectors. Learn about opportunities to serve your community through work with nonprofit organizations as well as local, state and federal government.

Tuesday     3/18     Student Union, Ballroom     2 p.m.–4 p.m.


Spring ‘14 Business, Government & Nonprofit Job & Internship Fair

Get Connected! – Currently registered SJSU students and Career Center alumni members are invited to meet with employers anticipating career, internship and/or summer opportunities. Open to all majors.

Tuesday     4/8     Student Union, Ballroom     Noon–3 p.m.



Resume Toolkit – online webshop 
Discover the basics of resume writing.  Check out these proven strategies for effectively presenting yourself on paper to employers.

Advanced Resume
Take your resume to the next level.  Strengthen your accomplishment statements and learn how to tailor your resume for specific jobs *See Calendar for dates and times

Resume Blast
Bring a hard copy of your resume for one last review and practice your one-minute commercial prior to the Job and Internship Fair.  A final updated resume is required.  First come, first served on a drop in basis (Open to SJSU students and registered alumni)
Thursday     2/27     Student Union, Umunhum Room     1:00 p.m. – 3:40 p.m.      

Job and Internship Search
Gain strategies and techniques that are key to finding a job or internship. *See calendar for dates and times.

Job Fair Success Webshop
Learn job search strategies that help you succeed at job fairs, employer events and more. Complete this online tutorial and receive your early bird pass registration. Completing this online tutorial is required to attend the Job Fair during the Early Bird Hours.

Interviewing Webshop Series
Discover the steps to prepare and succeed on the interview. Part I – Prepare for the Interview; Part II – Handling Different Types of Interviews; Part III - Difficult Questions & After the Interview

Big Interview
Awesome and free online training: interview strategies and practice with questions from over 20 industries. 

Job Search Tool Kit

Take the steps to help you launch your job search: Step 1 — Identify and Market Your Skills; Step 2 — Research Industries, Fields and

Positions; Step 3 — Find Employers; Step 4 — Develop Your Plan; Step 5 — Start Building your Network.


This is a NEW tool accessible through Sparta Jobs that allows users to research, learn, and search for employment in over 80 diferenct countries around the world.  Check it out!


Need quick career tips? Career Consultants provide coaching on a variety of topics including: job/internship search strategies, interviewing tips, grad school, choosing a major, finding a career with your major, career planning, enhancing your resume, and more. Available for currently enrolled SJSU students.

Group Resume Reviews
Be confident that your resume gives you the competitive edge and clearly represents your experience and skills on paper. Bring your resume for a 15 minute drop-in one-on-one session with acareer advisor or join a group resume review session and learn important strategies you can apply. Viewing the on-line Resume Webinar prior to attending is strongly recommended.

Tuesday     1/28      3:00-4:00pm     ADM250 – Career Center

Tuesday     2/18     3:00-4:00pm     ADM250 – Career Center

Tuesday     4/1     3:00-4:00pm     ADM250 – Career Center


Virtual Chat – Ask the Career Consultant

Join our virtual chat sessions to get quick answers to your career-related questions! Click on the virtual chat button on our homepage.

Monday-Friday        10 a.m. – 11 a.m.


By Drop-in (No appointment necessary) First come, first served. Available for currently enrolled SJSU students.

Monday     10:00am–12:00pm     ADM 154

Tuesday     10:00am–12:00pm     ADM 154

Wednesday     1:30pm–3:30pm     ADM 154

Thursday     1:30pm–3:30pm     ADM 154


By Appointment

Schedule an appointment by signing into SpartaJobs and clicking on “Request an Appointment.” Available for currently enrolled SJSU students.

Holiday Get-Together

November 25th, 2013 by Ron Rogers

2013 Psychology Department

Holiday Get-Together

 Psi Chi chapter, psychology majors and minors, faculty, staff and guests are invited.

Wednesday, December 4, and/or

Thursday, December 5, 2013

11:30 am – 1:30 pm

DMH 158

**Please consider bringing an unwrapped toy for the 22nd Annual SJPD Holiday Toy Drive**