SJSU in the News: Alumnus Appointed NCAA Enforcement Director

NCAA selects William Benjamin to join enforcement staff

Originally published by the NCAA Nov. 9, 2011.

William Benjamin, currently the deputy chief of police at the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, has been named a director of enforcement with a focus on football. A 28-year police force veteran, he commanded more than 1,150 uniformed officers and 100 detectives in his previous position. Benjamin is also a former college football student-athlete from San Jose State and participated with the Indianapolis Colts. He has also served as a coach and mentor for youth football.

“Bill brings not only robust investigatory and leadership experience, but also a keen understanding of the sport of football as a student-athlete, professional player and coach,” said vice president of enforcement Julie Roe Lach. “He will add valuable perspectives to our talented and diverse staff.”

Benjamin will lead a team of football-focused investigators charged with building knowledge, meaningful contacts and actionable leads to better inform investigations. The director of football position was one of 12 redefined or newly created positions from the enforcement department’s restructuring in June. These structure changes included the formation of a development unit, allowing information cultivation to be the same level of focus as investigations and case processing.

“I’m looking forward to joining another great team of people who are making a positive difference for student-athletes,” said Benjamin.

Over the course of Benjamin’s career, he has worked in many different areas of the police department, including his most recent positions as the deputy chief of the Operations and Criminal Investigations divisions. He also previously served as a lieutenant and squad leader in the homicide division and was a United States Marine Corps officer.