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King Library Seeks New Book Donations for Older Children

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The greatest need is for books that interest children ages 7-13.

By Luann Budd, King Library Administrative Officer

Partners in Reading enriches the lives of adults through reading, writing, technology, life skills, critical thinking, as well as English language learning, equipping them to achieve their goals and participate more fully and with greater confidence in all areas of their lives. Partners in Reading (a unit of the San Jose Public Library) features a family literacy program, Together We Read.

As you know, the intent of family literacy is to break the cycle of low literacy that is passed from one generation to another. Each child raised in a family with low literacy has a 50 percent greater chance of not being literate. Through family literacy, we work with adult learners who care for and live with children – parents, grandparents, caregivers and others – to help them understand their very important role in teaching and developing literacy skills in their children.

One of the most important ways to ensure literacy in a child is to read aloud to them every day and read together as a family. In order to do that families need books and home libraries. Through Together We Read family literacy, children are given books to spark their imagination and develop those literacy skills. Partners in Reading gives new, colorful selections to children that entice and engage them. One of their favorite activities is scanning the new books that are available and selecting just the right one with beautiful images and an exciting story.  You can tell when they have found that special book as their eyes widen and they freeze in place as they slowly turn the pages in anticipation.

During this season of giving, we ask for your support. Partners in Reading is sponsoring a new children’s book drive just for those in the family literacy program. The range of children we now serve in Together We Read is from birth to 13 years of age. Whether you select a board book for an infant or a picture book for a toddler or a chapter book for a child in elementary school, it will be appreciated. These new books will be distributed to families throughout the year and for many it may be the first book they own.

Our greatest need is for books that interest children ages 7-13.  Below are links to book lists that would interest a number of age groups.

We would welcome your donation of a new children’s book. Especially needed are new books for older children.  Here are some details about the book drive:

  • The book drive ends Friday, January 20.
  • Please donate new children’s books
  • Drop books off at the service desk of any San Jose Public Library branch or the Partners in Reading office at King Library.
  • Tag your donation “PAR at King Library” so it gets to the right destination

We so appreciate the support you have contributed throughout the year and your generosity with the program.