In Good Hands: Faculty Ingenuity and Remote Learning

By John P. Deever

All over San José State this fall, university educators were dreaming up innovations. To teach hands-on skills remotely, in addition to deploying technology tools they marshaled an eclectic collection of teaching aids: cat toys, puppy pads, umbrellas, a pool table, a parmesan cheese container lid—and, when demonstrating medical procedures, even a grandchild’s beloved teddy bear.

Since spring, SJSU has had to plan for the majority of classes to be held online. Yet some departments making the dramatic leap to remote learning began problem solving: How to teach inherently tactile skills during the mostly virtual semester? Professors teaching performance—not only in music, dance and theater, but in science labs, nursing and ceramics—tapped their wells of creativity to come up with some ingenious solutions. With the help of university support and resourceful, persistent students, they settled on some remarkable solutions. As San José State continues to adapt its practices and evolve its teaching in response to the pandemic, its students are in good hands.

Persistence and “The Pride of the Spartans”

Laboratory Science Goes On—With the Aid of Cat Toy

Art for the Adoration of the Crowd: “We’re Theater People”

Nurses Practice Tracheostomy Care (and More) from Home

Outdoor Ceramics Ready for Frogs from the Sky


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