Letters from Readers

Our Collective Future

I recently received the spring/summer 2019 edition of the Washington Square. What an excellent showcase of our university! I’m quite certain the reason my mailing address is now current has to do with an undergraduate donor call I received a few weeks ago. For that, I am thankful! The main motive for my outreach is to share how impressed I am with SJSU today. The vast majority of my colleagues are alumni of Stanford and Cal. As I’m sure you can imagine, it’s incredibly easy for SJSU to fall into the shadows of our Bay Area siblings. But not with content and publicity like this! Thanks again for spreading the good word about San Jose State.
—Matt Sampson, ’14 Finance

Really nice work on the current Washington Square. The focus of the issue and overall breadth of content was good. Well done! Thanks for all you and your staff do to make more visible all that’s happening at SJSU.
—Bethany Shifflett, professor of kinesiology

Moving Stories

Ruth Yaffe. Photo: Tom Sanders.

I was one of those students who spent my summers at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. The “Scientific Pioneer: Ruth Yaffe” article has brought fond memories of times long gone.
—Gerhard (Gary) Krohmer, ’76 Physics

Israel Villavicencio, Octavio Mijangos, Pabel Mijangos. Photo courtesy of Pabel Mijangos.

Pabel Mijangos is a business student in my Global Dimensions of Business course. Some students write about immigration from a personal perspective. He wrote about his father, who came to the United States from Mexico and established a family in the U.S. Pabel’s father supervised the move of the Associated Students house (“Moving and Making History”).
Asbjorn Osland, professor, global innovation and leadership

The WSQ team was so inspired by this father and son story, we decided to share it on our blog. —Ed.

Fire Weather Research

Photo courtesy of the Fire Weather Research Lab.

Thanks for this excellent article on fire research (“On Fire”). Great work by the professor and his team of students. I was very impressed by the PBS documentary featuring the team.
—John T. Collins, ’83 MPH

How can I get Carrie Bowers (“On Fire”) to speak at our Women in Safety Excellence (WISE) event? We are the American Society of Safety Professionals of Greater San Jose. The inaugural chairman of WISE, I’m thrilled to learn this information is available.
—Mary Stine

Glad to connect you! —Ed.

Victory Laps, Anyone?

I was so impressed with the Spartan Recreation and Aquatic Center when I toured campus a week ago with my son who is now a prospective student! The campus is really amazing!
—Elizabeth Finley, ’92 Economics

Fabulous. Big change since I graduated in 1960!
—Teddie Allison, ’60 Physical Education

OMG! I clearly haven’t been on campus for a while!
—Mark O’Deady, ’77 Advertising

Wow, wish I was there. San Jose State: what a great college and community!
—Erica Rusack, ’96 MS Occupational Therapy


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