Power SJSU: Help Along the Way

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Too many of our students struggle with basic needs while working hard to succeed academically. According to a campus survey, one in three students say that it is often or sometimes true that they were hungry but didn’t eat because there wasn’t enough money for food. Unfortunately, food insecurity—along with housing insecurity— is an issue for SJSU, the California State University and our country.

A national leader in studying the prevalence of food and housing insecurity, as well as identifying and implementing solutions to support students’ basic needs, the CSU has established the Basic Needs Initiative to tackle barriers for students.

SJSU has also created programs and services that address food insecurity on campus. From monthly Just in Time mobile food pantries—staffed by student, alumni, staff and faculty volunteers—to campus “food shelves,” breakfast clubs, free cooking classes and a community garden, the Student Hunger Committee and campus community are working to eliminate obstacles to student success.

In October 2018, the Tower Foundation will sponsor our annual Inspiration to Innovation fundraising gala. Proceeds from the event will augment SJSU’s existing efforts to eliminate food insecurity, including building a permanent food pantry.

Philanthropy creates opportunities for students to grow and to discover who they want to be. It ensures that future graduates can thrive.

—Paul Lanning
CEO, Tower Foundation of SJSU
Vice President, University Advancement



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