Letters from Readers

Photo illustration by Michelle Frey

Celebrating Diversity

Thank you for the Spring/Summer 2017 issue of Washington Square. It was excellent to read about the impact of a variety of Spartans in the larger community.
Patricia Nguyen, ’12 Sociology

Photo: Thomas Sanders

Dare to Dream

“Dreamers: The Undocumented Student and Immigrant Experience” was a beautiful story. Thank you for putting the spotlight on those who have to go above and beyond to obtain higher education and the basic rights often taken for granted by most citizens in this country.
Diana Garcia


The latest issue of SJSU Washington Square touts ideas like diversity, inclusion, support for “undocumented students,” etc. These could be taken as simply PC buzzwords except for the fact that their intent is to undermine American values, culture and immigration law. Perhaps, in the future, SJSU will move to a neutral political stance.
Andrew Barnes

Historical Photo: library of congress digital collections

Gram Knows Best

I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Gram’s Stories” and appreciated this issue’s focus on challenges and diversity. Thank you!
Carolyn Canete, SJSU annual giving manager

Photo: courtesy of Conrad Schmitt

“A Healing Legacy”

What a great life, Conrad.  You have accomplished so much.
Sarah Cheekars

Photo: David Schmitz

The Power of Mercy

Wow! Amazing story! Very well written. It brought tears to my eyes to read about what good Mercy is doing for our community. Congratulations, Mercy, on getting your DNP!
Kris Dudley, administrative coordinator, College of Science

Consider Ease of Reading, Please

Just a short note to comment on the recent edition of Washington Square. Possibly, it might win an A for design, but an F for ease of reading. White on gray and gray on white are difficult to read.
Chet Keil, ’54 Business Administration

Thank you, Ellen! “Beyond Football” Receives $25,000

I love this coach. I love his team. I love his dancing. #GoodGoesRound #OneMillionActsofGood
Ellen DeGeneres

Watch the football team’s response to DeGeneres’ gift:


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