A Message from President Mary Papazian

Photo: James Tensuan

As we move briskly through fall 2017 and approach the holiday season, I am reminded of the first week of classes in August when I shared my vision for San Jose State’s future.

It is one where we, as a community of alumni, students, faculty and staff members, expand our ideas of what is possible, build upon the achievements of yesterday, and, together, draw the blueprints we will use to shape tomorrow’s ambitions.

Our ability to thrive is contingent on our ability to engage you, our alumni, as well as students, faculty and staff members, in dialogue and collaboration across areas of study. This is particularly true in the area of health innovation.

In this issue, alumni healthcare leaders discuss the industry’s multidisciplinary approach to individual and community health. They point to the need for universities to provide future healthcare innovators with opportunities for interdisciplinary discovery, integration and methods of application. As an institution of higher education, San Jose State must reflect the dynamic needs of the industries and communities we serve.

From Silicon Valley, New York City and hurricane-ravaged Texas to Haiti and Ethiopia, San Jose State’s alumni and faculty members continue to find creative ways to advance health and wellness while helping others. Through mobile health initiatives, some Spartans are working to create ways to bring healthcare to anyone anywhere.

The health of our university is reflected in the strength of our athletics program. Once a basketball player, San Jose State’s new Athletics Director Marie Tuite considers her experience as an athlete an essential component to leading SJSU’s fine Spartans forward, continuing to integrate athletics with our campus and community.

As Spartans, our reach should always exceed our grasp. We have an exciting future ahead of us, and I encourage you to join us in the adventure. I wish you and your families a healthy and happy holiday season.


Mary A. Papazian
San Jose State University

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