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We received a number of letters asking about the spring/summer 2015 edition, which was our first-ever digital-only issue. Thank you for your patience as we tried a new format and adjusted our publication schedule—and thank you for reading Washington Square.

—The WSQ team

Thank you, Steven Millner

I was looking at the SJSU website to decide what major I would take and I saw your picture there (“Getting Educated,” Fall/Winter 2014). I felt so happy to see you there and proud that I had you as my history teacher. Professor Millner, you are one of my inspirations to continue my studies.

—Carolina Avendano

Tau Delta Phi continues

I read Mark Foutch’s letter to the editor with much interest. I was in the class of 1962 and was in TDP for two years before graduation. Our initiation also involved “walking the plank.” I recall that I served as president of TDP in my senior year. After graduation, I went on to law school at Boalt Hall—Berkeley. SJSU prepared me for law school.

—Fred Karlsen, ’62 Political Science

Letters about Tau Delta Phi suggest a history of the Tower Society will have to be assembled from memories of former members.

—Ron Sherriffs, ’34 Speech/Drama, ’57 MA Drama

—Ed. We have enjoyed reading the many letters about Tau Delta Phi. Thanks for sharing!

Jody Ulate

Jody Ulate, '05 MA English, is editor of the Washington Square blog and printed alumni magazine.

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