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Just want to say that I really enjoyed reading through the recent edition of Washington Square.  Great content, wonderful themes and very well put together. Thank you for your work and kudos to you both.
 —Wahid Kazem, ’95 BS, ’02 MS, Administration of Justice

I just read WSQ cover to cover and want to express my admiration and appreciation to all of you for courageous content and beautiful design. I am really proud to be associated with an institution that takes issues on directly and deals with them positively and in an educational light. Thank you for the inspirational work.
—College of Humanities and the Arts Dean Lisa Vollendorf

I enjoyed “The Grit Squad”! I’m glad to see that SJSU supports a diversity of students. Having “grit” is the most important skill an athlete could have. Even if someone isn’t a prototypical star, they still deserve a chance to prove themselves. I wish more schools would support this kind of talent, rather than only scouting “stars” who peak too soon and burn out quickly. Kudos to the coaches for building a great program. Keep up the good work, SJSU! Go Spartans!
—Kimberly Wright

A True SJSU Spartan

I recently received the Spring/Summer 2014 edition of Washington Square and have thoroughly enjoyed it. It is nice to stay in touch with SJSU! In “50 ways to prove you are an SJSU Spartan,” I checked off a few items, but most of them are too current for me, so let me show you I am an SJSU Spartan:

  • I was discharged from the Army August 16, 1946
  • I enrolled at SJSU September 20, 1946 (estimated)
  • In spring 1947, I ran for head yell leader and was elected!
  • I was head yell leader fall 1947 and 1948, and chair of the rally committee fall 1949
  • I was admitted to the Tao Delta Phi men’s academic fraternity—the Tower
  • Invited to join Blue Keg Service Fraternity
  • As an accounting major, I belonged to Alpha Eta Sigma
  • A member of the class of 1950, I completed academic requirements by December 1949 on an accelerated G.I. Bill program
  • I have attended all fall football games 2004 to 2013

—Glenn Stewart, ’50 Accounting

Greek Myths and Legends

Unless I missed it, I don’t think Washington Square has had an article on fraternities and sororities at San José State over the past 54 years. Perhaps it is time. I have pictures in case you should decide to get wild and crazy and publish this.
—Mo Stevens, ’60

The letter headed “What Happened To Tau Delta Phi?” brought back lots of memories.  That would be a great article for WSQ.  When was that SJS honor fraternity founded, by whom, why, etc.?  What did it accomplish for the school and student body? When and why did it die out (as it apparently has)? I hope someone pursues these questions for a future article.  Meanwhile, let me share what I remember about my initiation.
—Mark Foutch, ’63 Journalism

Web Extra icon—Ed. Thank you both for sharing your thoughts on fraternity and sorority life. Read Mo Stevens’ list and Mark Foutch’s initiation reminiscence.

App Update

How about offering a WSQ app for Android OS, Mac OS or Windows OS?
—Gregory Sandell, ’82 Chemical Engineering

—Ed. Download our app.

Loma Prieta: Where Were You on October 17, 1989?

I was swimming in the outdoor pool on campus. I saw a friend of mine and got out of the pool to sit and talk with her. All of a sudden, the ground starting rolling and shaking. The next thing I knew, there were six-foot swells/waves lifting people out of the pool. The rest was history.
—Rene Brumfield

I was actually on campus at SJSU, taking an advertising midterm. Crazy day and crazier semester. For example, every book in the library was off its shelf so we weren’t assigned midterms! That was at the dawn of the Internet when there was no Google.
—Wendy Wilson

I was on the fifth floor of the main library. I remember looking out at downtown and everything just shaking. Kissed the ground when I made it down the stairs and outside.
—John Tyler Whitemarsh


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Jody Ulate, '05 MA English, is editor of the Washington Square blog and printed alumni magazine.

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