“Education is a privilege. Through it we are called to help others.”

Wanjiru Kamau

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Wanjiru Kamau, ’65 Social Sciences, won’t hesitate to tell you that education is life changing. At the age of 20, she left her family and home in Kenya to attend college in the United States. Despite her successes, Kamau, who went on to earn a Ph.D., never forgot how she struggled to adjust to life in the U.S. So in 2000, she started a nonprofit organization, African Immigrant and Refugee Foundation (AIRF), to provide support such as mental-health services, English classes and tutoring to African immigrants. Kamau continues to improve the conditions of Africans as the co-founder of Mavuuno Greenhouses, which provides poor Kenyan farmers with greenhouses that make urban agriculture possible. The proceeds from the greenhouses go to the AIRF.

Melissa Fraterrigo

Learn more about Mavuuno Greenhouses.

Jody Ulate

Jody Ulate, '05 MA English, is editor of the Washington Square blog and printed alumni magazine.

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