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Inspiring teachers

Gloria Loventhal, ’69, ’74 MA Education Administration, who nominated last issue’s Very Inspirational Person, shared this email from a former student:

“If you are the same Gloria Loventhal who taught fifth grade at DJ Meyer Elementary in the early 70s, then you were my classroom teacher. In fact, you were my favorite teacher of all time. It has been many years, so I don’t expect you to remember me, but I am Ron (Ronald then) Salinas. I saw your name on the back cover of this winter’s edition of SJSU’s Washington Square, as I am an alumnus and get the publication in the mail. I was so excited to see your name. My first introduction to SJSU was when you took me and a couple of other lucky students to an international fair there on the campus. Mostly, I wanted to thank you for being such an inspirational teacher.” —Ron Salinas, ’84 Graphic Design

Missing from the halls of fame

I enjoyed the winter issue of Washington Square. In “The halls of fame are painted gold, blue and white,” there was one name missing under the section U.S.A. Water Polo Hall of Fame: my brother, Dennis Fosdick, who received bachelor’s and master’s degrees from San Jose State and was inducted in 2000 after he coached the Occidental College women’s team to the NCAA Division III championship. —Wade Fosdick, ’63, ’71 MBA

Why is Ken Venturi not mentioned in Washington Square? Among many honors, he was recently inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame. What’s going on? —Joseph Zakarian, ’50 Kinesiology

We are pleased to announce that Ken Venturi will be inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2013. —Ed.

Survey says …

Many thanks to those who took our latest reader survey. Here are a few comments:

Sammy Spartan Case Award

Washington Square is the winner of a 2013 CASE Silver Award

“I contacted one of the subjects of the alumni profiles. He helped me with a business transaction. Had I not read about him, I would not have received this help because I did not know him, or him me. The immediate positive connection between us was SJSU alumni status.”

“I think it was really cool to profile an alumni who has started something of their own. I feel I could relate as I have my own start up in manufacturing.”

“I dislike that engineering students and alumni are so heavily represented. There needs to be representation of different kinds of students and political beliefs. I find the magazine to have too many right-wing opinions.”

“Encourage contributions and involvement from younger students and alumni.”

“I enjoyed the article about Phyllis Simpkins, ’46 Home Economics and Marketing, and her lifetime contributions to the university. I attended a lot of events where I would see her but never really got to meet her. What a great family.”

Jody Ulate

Jody Ulate, '05 MA English, is editor of the Washington Square blog and printed alumni magazine.

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