CHRS Recruiting System Overview Posted

CHRS Recruiting Image

The CHRS Recruiting System Overview session held on May 27, 2020 is now posted for review. In addition to the video, the slides used during the presentation are also available. The link to this information is below and can also be found on the CHRS Recruiting Training webpage.

Click here to access the video and slides. Please note, you must be logged into your SJSU email to view this page.

The video includes information about the new recruiting system for faculty and staff. Topics include: why we’re implementing the new software, when the new system will be available for use, high level demonstrations of system functionality, and information on training and support.

After you review the video and/or the slides, please take a few minutes to complete the CHRS Recruitment: Change Readiness Assessment. This will help the Change Management team with future communication and change management initiatives.

If you have any questions regarding the CHRS Recruiting project, please email You can also review the CHRS Recruiting webpage for additional information.

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